I hate remixes

What makes original different from a very similar looking duplicate? Although looks can be deceptive, duplicate would definitely get exposed in no time for lack of quality. Classiness and originality can never be copied however hard we try, and this is very evident in music compositions. The originals always stand ahead of the crowd, whereas the cheaply composed or copied duplicates vanish in no time. However many of our supercilious post modern composers are yet to learn this truth and keep continuing the atrocious massacre of many good old songs that have lured us with their matchless compositions and soothing lyrics.

Yesterday I was listening to some songs in random, and found that one among sounded too quirky and odd, but had very familiar lyrics. I was totally clueless at first, and took a few minutes to understand that what I heard was a disgracefully remixed version of one of my favourite songs, the awful attempt of one among the fame-hungry, self proclaimed musicians out there.
There’s nothing more frustrating than listening to the vexatious and echo laden remixed versions of soothing and melodious songs that I’ve always cherished. Remixing is a sickening crime as it gives horrendous makeover to the magnificence of many of those beautifully composed songs, by adding sleazy lyrics and thunderous tunes that are created with the deliberate intention to spoil the entire charm of original compositions.

There’s been an unstoppable flood of remixed songs, right from the day of invention of this nonsensical music composition method, which I would call the cruellest leeching of other people’s capabilities, by disfiguring eminently likable songs with cheesy lyrics and ear-splitting music. But duplicates, however perfectly created, will never turnout irreplaceably beautiful as the original ones, and at times may badly insult the original creations, like some of the attention-whoring song remixes that we hear these days.

Of all the remixes that have been released so far, nothing was successful enough to surpass the original, which makes me wonder why remixes are being made, when we all know that they are nothing but an expensive second- hand trashy pieces, when the originals in their entire perfection are cheaper and easily available. Remixing or the awful butchery of classic songs is nothing but the deliberate effect of parasitic and attention seeking musicians who are desperate to earn fame and name overnight. They don’t have the courage to earn hard-earned fame on their own terms and hence shamelessly steal what others have done with years of hard work and dedication. Such fame seekers are even thick-skinned to tag their names with the names of veteran musicians in the contemptible effort to up-fame themselves as equal or par equal to them.  Here they simply stoop down to the level of parasites

Remixes of yesteryear classics have become trendy these days with the hands-on participation of many of some of the new-generation musicians & a breed of young pop singers out there, who do nothing other than badly deforming time-tested compositions which have stolen the hearts of millions of music lovers from all-over the world. Appalling mixing of classics with noisy instrumental pieces and terribly tuned and dizzying disco beats should be considered unpardonable, and should be treated as deliberate deception through cheap plagiarism.


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