Some thoughts on life and death

A pretty lazy evening got soon shadowed by the saddening news of an accident that took place in one of the nearby churches where reconstruction works where going on in full swing. It was almost 6.30 in the evening, when a part of the church, located a few kilometers away from the city, fell down suddenly killing two and injuring almost 15 to 20 of the labourers. They were so badly trapped inside the debris for a couple of hours, until the rescue team managed to help them find their way out. The news was shocking and upsetting to the core that I didn’t even have the courage to watch the footages that were shown along with the news reports. It was just an accident and I am not sure if there’s anyone to blame, but what shocked me more was the place where it occurred. The mishap happened right before god almighty, right before the divine and sacred presence, and he couldn’t stop it from happening!

I keep thinking the same whenever I hear about mishaps that kill innocent people, for no reason of their own. Right from childhood, I’ve always been told that god repays everyone according to their deeds, the reason why some people suffer so badly, whereas some others live happily throughout their lives. If this is what’s called the universal law, I would really want to know the reason why the so called sinners live longer than some really good souls who leave us suddenly. I do understand that birth and death are not in our hands, but it just becomes too unjustifiable when innocent people get clutched by death for reasons that are no way related to them. It makes me feel so angry at god for being cruel to people those sincerely pray, worship. and love him with heart and soul. When a distant cousin succumbed to the mortal wounds from a train accident last month, I heard the elders from the family cursing his ‘fate’ for what has happened. Had it been due to a mistake from his end, I could have understood the reason behind god’s decision , but it was just not his fault, and again I couldn’t stop but wonder why god almighty turned out so cruel to his family, and took away their dear son unexpectedly.

There was an accident last week which killed an entire family, including two kids, only due to the terrible haste of the truck driver who hastily rammed his vehicle in to the car in which the victims travelled. They died on the spot. I still wonder the reason why the entire family had to leave this world for no fault of their own, only because a stranger’s carelessness and haste. Is god a bit cruel at times?

It’s been a couple of years since I lost my grandmother, just 10 days ahead of her 50th wedding anniversary. We had big plans in mind and wanted to give her and grandpa a memorable day with everyone in the family. But things took a different turn when she feel ill abruptly one day, and had to be taken to hospital. She was almost fine while on her way to hospital, but within an hour dad called me and conveyed the sad news. It was so heartbreaking, and the pain turned out more excruciating when I saw my uncle telling the news to my grandfather. Throughout her entire life, she was so kind and compassionate to everyone, and never missed her prayers or visits to temple. Yet she lost her elder son, my uncle, due to a sudden cardiac failure, and the very next year she left us suddenly one fine day. Who is to blame here?


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