“It’s a girl!” – Some thoughts on female foeticide

blogBelieving the baseless prophecy of a godman, who told them that she will give birth to a baby girl, they deprived her of motherhood and mercilessly ripped-off the foetus from her womb. It was so sad reading the heartbreaking news today, about a 22 year old woman who was kicked and beaten by her in-laws who were desperate for a male heir. It was even harder to imagine what the woman would have gone through, after having lost her baby. It’s been more than six decades since we gained independence, but sadly we’re not yet independent from the age-old woman hatred in the country. What I can’t stop wondering is the logic behind the immense passion for tigers and stray dogs in the country where people ruthlessly kill girl children.

The country has had remarkable progresses in all sectors, but not in the mindset of the people who still consider girl child as a curse and boys as a blessing. This is a really massive problem that no one is actually interested in sorting out, resulting in the tremendously increasing ratio of female foeticide. Daughters are still considered a liability, mainly due to the legally banned but widely prevailing practice of dowry. No matter the number of amazing progresses made here, the country is still carrying the rotten stinks of monsters-in-law, mammas boys who are just ruthless gold diggers and have absolutely no mercy on anyone other than themselves, stealthily hiding behind the candid photographs of engagements and weddings that are happening around. I just don’t understand the reason why some women are so keen on clinging on to troubled marriages even after knowing that her husband and in-laws do not want her to have daughters, and forcefully insist her take inhuman steps. I think such marriages really don’t have anything worth taking a chance, especially when one is pressurized and forced to kill her child. Sometimes I really wonder how people can be so biased, especially some of those women out there, who join the men in the house to humiliate and hurt their daughters-in-law for not giving a male heir.

Now let me tell you a bit of my experience. We’re two daughters and I am the eldest. I’ve always heard my relatives lamenting and sympathising at my mom for having two daughters, which according to them is a backbreaking responsibility. They were always seen making sad faces at my mom for not having a son to ‘responsibly’ take care of them.  As a child, such comments used to hurt me, but now I care a damn. Both me and my sister are now blessed enough to take good care of my parents and the male clan about whom my relatives were always seen going gaga are still on their road to success.

Millions of female foetuses get aborted every year, and there’s no one to question this savagery. Getting killed just because of being a girl is an unexplainable tragedy, and keeps affirming the sad fact that a girl child is still unwanted in India.

I still remember seeing an episode of non-fiction programme, aired a few months back, which showed the case of a doctor who used to do illegal abortion of female foetuses, that were later found floating in a river, wrapped up in polythene bags. So are we heading to world where there will be no women but only men all around?  I really feel this would happen sometime soon, when all the female foetuses get killed one by one, and only boys are born everywhere.


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