Summer musings

Scorching summer is testing my sanity and making me crankier than ever, driving me crazy for all the known and unknown reasons for being a victim to the hottest climate. This is by far the worst summer season I’ve ever faced. Making matters worse in this extreme hot and humid climate is the constant scheduled and unscheduled power-cuts. Blazing sun and temperature soaring high, I’ve been on a constant battle with summer since last month, and have been trying all the possible options to cool-off and beat the summer heat.  But summer has taken its worst face this year giving me tough time than ever, particularly whenever I am out of the office. Thanks to the centralized air conditioner in the office  that I can feel at ease the moment I am in, and for this reason I always make sure to reach the office a bit earlier to relax a little before jumping in to my writing schedules. Still, evenings are the worst and them moment I am out of the cosy office ambiance, I feel as if I’ve entered in to a furnace, and often start having severe sinusitis problems, on being exposed to the hotness right from the cold and comfy office space.

Like every year, I’ve been ranting about my summer woes to everyone, irrespective of whether they are paying attention or not, but my dad is the only one who keep listen to all the madness that I keep blabbering on and on, while the others tactically escape from my jibber-jabber. The other day I was cribbing to my dad about the noise and fumes of fire crackers outside my house. Thanks to my neighbors who were enjoying the Vishu, and the ear-blasting noise and chocking fumes did nothing good but increased the temperature around. I know my rant is much worse than the summer heat, and at times feel so bad for him, for being left with no other option but to keep listening to my craziness. In fact, dad’s the best listener at home, be it summer or winter.  Mom’s never patient enough like dad, and being busy in kitchen for major share of her day time, she’ll just drive me away the very moment I start pestering her with my summer worries and keep getting on her nerves.

Summer gets scorcher than ever at night, making me sleep deprived most of the day, even if I take a good shower right before going to bed. It’s during this time of the year that I often feel like filling water inside a huge bucket and sitting inside it the whole day. Last day, I met one of my friends who shaved off her hair to escape from the blazing summer. The very happy smile on her face made me wonder how could she manage to walk around happily with her fully shaven head and not get questioned by the whole group of preachers of ‘age-old’ femininity concepts.  She felt so relaxed and calm that even I was tempted to shave off my hair save myself from summer, but to be frank, didn’t have enough courage like hers to face the world headstrong.

I’ve heard that summer season would last for another 30 days and I am really not sure how I am going to live-on.


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