Olfactory dilemma

Being with a smelly person and finding no good way to let her know how bad she smells is nothing but a curse, and sadly I have been facing this invariably on every day in my hostel room. This not so good friend of mine, with who I share my room,  often sweats so badly but unfortunately takes least care to avoid being smelly.The odour is actually so bad that even I am blindfolded in a pitch-dark room; I will be able to track her down due to her her malodorous aroma. She takes bath everyday and still stinks like putrid egg. But in my effort not make her feel embarrassed, I badly struggle to hide my puking sensation whenever she’s around, thus not revealing how awful she smells. Smells can be subjective, but hers is way too out of the norm and extremely unbearable.  However I am tongue-tied due to the heavy dose of sensitivity involved in the matter, and live on the mercy of agarbathis and room fresheners, to avoid the foul stench.

She’s averagely neat yet smells pretty bad all day long, even after applying her perfume, which unfortunately is all the more irritating than her smelly clothes.  Being with a person who sweats profusely and smells nauseatingly is extremely disgusting, especially when I am back from work, as I will have to try and hold my breath until I open the windows, even after knowing about the flock of mosquitoes that would get in to the room through the windows.  I’ve have hardly seen her taking any deliberate effort to walking around stinky, even after my pretty long lecture about the need for having a good smelling perfume.

Being smelly is not often due to the lack of personal hygiene, as I’ve heard that even some health problems can make people sweat badly and smell like old shoes. But I think such people should extra sensitive about the way the smell, and should take utmost care about their hygiene, thus avoiding being stinky, much to others’ discomfort.  But so far, there’s not even been a single effort from her end, and this is freaking me out. The other day, I tried telling her not to pile her dirty clothes on the corner of the room, instead wash it regularly, and her answer was shocking. She said she was scared the colour of her newly bought clothes would fade, and for this reason washed her clothes only after wearing it a couple of times. Now that I have found the reason behind the putrid egg odour of her body and clothes, I was thinking about telling her openly about this, as I really don’t want to have any more stink in my room. But my friendship and civility overpowers this urgent need, thus making it unable to reveal this truth boldly.


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