When people fail to embrace natural beauty

Throughout the conversation, he was constantly complaining about her curly hair, and wanted her to get to do artificial hair straightening. So did he mean to say she looked ugly in curly hair? If so, I would never agree to this stupidest thought of one of my ex-colleagues who visited me the other day, along with his medium sized family which included his wife and three kids. I was really happy to meet them, but was a bit taken aback by the kind way he commented about his wife’s long and healthy hair.  Although we talk over the phone often, I was meeting his wife for the first time, technically the second I would say, as I’ve seen her once, from a distance, when she came to the school (where I was teaching) once, to meet her husband. An averagely tall, naturally pretty, and curly haired woman, she neither looked chic nor like a village belle who badly needs a transformation to match with her husband’s newfound NRI status, after having received a job in Dubai. I don’t know what made him create the very false notion that having very straight hair would make a woman more beautiful, and was really feeling bad for his wife whom he was continuously making fun of, wanting her to have artificially straightened  hair.

Seeing her getting flustered with the constant comments about her ‘unruly’ hair, I tried changing the topic, but he swirled and came back to the very same subject again and again, which I think was a bit irritating and nasty. Although he was meeting me after a couple of years, he’s seen many of my photographs on Facebook, and has showered as much praises as possible for my straightened hair. Did I tell you that I had very curly hair before, just like his wife? It was so curly but cute, literally like telephone cord, however, I had to opted for artificial straightening for the sake of convenience, and not because I felt I would look bad in curly hair. So when he started comparing my hair with hers, it sounded a bit too odd and mean. Embarrassing me more, he wanted to me to ‘motivate’ her to straighten her hair! I couldn’t help but wonder why men can’t stop speaking and acting silly and puerile like him.

I really pity such people who give undue importance to looks, and have always felt the urge to shout-out to them about their stupidity.  Some men addictively idolize women who don’t mind wasting countless hours in front of the mirror every day, making sure their hair is flawlessly styled and their makeup is immaculately perfect. I think they should try and stop confusing what one looks like with their actual persona. Be it artificial hair straightening, makeup, or chic haircuts, they all depend on the likes, tastes, and conveniences of individuals,  and once can never force a person to do this , only because it looks good on someone else.

I don’t want to say looks hardly matter, and won’t say not to forgo one’s beauty rituals, but will definitely say not to fret and overdo. It matters and one has to look presentable, but not amounting to creating an outer layer of artificial persona for oneself, just to match with the fashion trendsetters. My friend’s wife is naturally beautiful, as far as I know, is a very humble woman, who is family bound and takes care of everyone much more than him. So what if she has a coiled or curled hair, she looks good and undoubtedly is the most lovable girl that he can have on earth.


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