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Let me walk in the rain

Rain gods have finally heard my prayers! Yes, it’s raining heavily today, and as always I am in my best mood when it rains. For me, both drizzle and torrential rains are god-send magic potions to keep my spirits high;the reason why I enjoy every minute of  rain and love taking long walks to adore its mesmerizing beauty.

Summer was way too long and unbearable this year, making me grumpy and freakish all the time, and added to that was the constant sinus problems that used to make my evenings horrible, literally bring me down to tears.  April and half of May passed by with constant rants about blazing summer heat, the reason why I don’t have anything worth saying other than nutty office works plus scorching  heat that gave me some fifty plus tiresome days with unbelievably high temperature. What I wanted to do these days was just to remain in my cosy bedroom and never get out in to the hot sun, but at times those ‘never wanted to do’ things come up high on the list of daily activities, and I couldn’t help but go out in the sun for many times on most of the days, unwillingly getting those sinusitis attacks over and over again. But now that the grey clouds have started hovering menacingly above the city, I think we would have a really good monsoon season this year, and all the excruciating summer woes will get totally washed out by the onset of monsoon.

A relaxed stroll in the rain feeling those tiny little rain droplets of rain water falling on my body, every rain droplet splashing romantic kisses on my cheeks repeatedly, and cosseting cold tickling every inch of the skin, rain is the best companion that I’ve ever had so far. It not only helps me breath out all the tensions and negative energy that get stuck up in some of those unknown corners of body, but also keeps me lively throughout the day. From waking me up by tapping its wet finger against my cheeks, gifting me a comfy & romantic cuddle on waking up, to accompanying me during my lonely walks to and from the office and making me fall asleep to its soft lullaby, rain has always been the most loving and undemanding partner throughout the years, the reason why I keep falling in love with it over and over again. I can’t help but keep thanking heavens for gifting me some of the refreshingly beautiful rainy seasons that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life, be it by walking in the rain and listening to raindrops hitting the earth, or even watching the beauty of rain from my hostel window. If rain were a human, I am sure it would have enticed millions of people to hypnotically follow it just like The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

We all love them and yet some people pretend to hate them, for some unknown reasons. I keep wondering why such people don’t move to some other place, like a desert, if they don’t love rain. They remain here and yet cure rain, which means they do love it so madly but are just so hypocritical enough to admit the fact that they crazily love rain.  But I really don’t mind confessing my unending love with rain; taking walks holding my hand out to feel the rain, hearing the pitter-patter of rain drops, looking up towards the sky and letting those raindrops fall on my face, getting drenched, having samosa chat and hot coffee from the roadside shop, hearing my favorite songs, or even writing a good blog on the captivating beauty of rain.

Unlike most of my friends who start showing fake gloominess at the arrival of rain, saying rain would dampen their spirits, I don’t like concealing my passion for rain; instead I admit it very openly.  I think we are really lucky for having rain in plentiful throughout a couple of months every year. It’s always mesmeric to watch those grey dressed clouds up there, waiting for us to call them down, wanting us to love them dearly.

Hating somebody for no apparent reason

Hate for sake of hating is something that happens to me at times, without any kind of sensible reason to justify my thoughts. Stupid but true! This is a weird side of my persona, and I have to shamefully divulge this as I know I am wrong but can’t help it. I hate them so badly that my thoughts become very much evident from my gestures, thus practically driving them away for no reason of their own. You may perhaps be thinking that I am crazy for hating those who have in no way harmed me. But let me tell you that my hatred is not intentional, but impulsive, and sadly I can’t stop doing it at times. Sometimes they look arrogant, sometimes too silly in their talks, at times deceptive, and in certain cases they even look dangerous right at the very first encounter that I almost shape up a firm image about them, which later guides my behavior towards such people. Thankfully this doesn’t happen often, but very rarely and unexpectedly. Let me tell you one such account of indefensible hatred.

A fair woman with very average looks; she’s one among the forty plus women’s gang in our bus, and keeps blabbering throughout the journey, laughing eccentrically at times. I first met her almost a year back, but haven’t talked to her even once ever since I saw her for the first time. Yet I hate her so badly for some really mysterious reasons that keep whirling around me like those pale ghosts from midnight movies, preventing my mind breaking away the shell of abhorrence.

Initially, even her presence sued irked me to the core, and I even tried figure out what can be the possible reason for my hatred. I tried watching her very closely to know what exactly makes me dislike her, but couldn’t fathom the reason behind my hatred. May be her noisy talks or her hilarious laughter; I have a couple of possibilities to say, but I am not sure of the real reason behind the extreme dislike.

Once I had a bit too rude to her that I almost ignored her when she gave me a very pleasing smile. I know it was very uncouth on my part for disregarding someone who was more than pleasing to me, but let me confess that my hatred overpowered my courteousness, the reason why I couldn’t smile at her, and instead gave a very cold and serious look. I am sure she might have wondered why I did that, and even might have thought that I am a rude and arrogant woman.

As I said before, we don’t know each other personally and haven’t tried to talk to each-other even once, the reason that makes me wonder why I find her extremely annoying and repulsive, although I don’t have any proper justification for my thoughts. I know very well that disliking someone for no apparent reason is totally unjustifiable and egotistical, but let me confess that it just happens over and over again, even with people whom I have never talked to in my entire life. It’s a kind of ‘hatred at first sight’ as it often comes at the very first sight and keeps remaining fixed somewhere inside my heart, no matter how close I get to know that person later on. I know I should never carry a prejudiced mind but I am really helpless when it comes to ‘certain’ people who unknowingly plant the seeds of deep hated inside my mind.

Random cravings

Having a crazy craving for a favorite foodstuff is never a crime, but having the strongest desire to have some of those ‘curvaceous’ jalebis, clad from ‘head to toe’ in pure ghee, can be a little extra luxury for people like me who are on the brim of a balanced figure and may lose the equilibrium any time soon; or in short, very near to bloating up. But sadly I can’t even blame my poor taste buds as they are almost bored with the same old hostel food, and keep triggering such surprising cravings that I can’t afford to deny. So I had this huge craving yesterday, and wanted just one or two jalebis, adequate enough to satisfy my no so stubborn taste buds. I knew that it would add up a few extra calories to my diet, but I so badly wanted it that I purposefully forgot the ‘dietary’ part. To be frank, I am really not an avid fitness freak, and nor am I a lazy lad either. I do my share of exercises whenever possible, but not on a regular basis. I walk a little and do some stretching exercises every day, and make sure not to eat stomach full, the reason why I felt it would be fine to have just one or two jelabis.

So, with all these plans in mind, I left the office on time, thinking about those yummilicious jalebis that I was about to savor. After getting down at the bus stop, I hurried to the nearby bakery, hoping to see those sexy red dressed jalebis welcoming me from inside the glass case. I stepped in to the bakery and the very first sight almost broke my heart in just a second. There was not even one jalebi left in the bakery’s glass case, as they had a bulk order from some client of theirs, who took away all the jalebis. I was left with nothing!

After craving for something as simple as jalebi, I couldn’t have even one of them, and was almost in tears. I know this may sound a bit silly for a few of you, but if you try to put yourself in my shoes and see the whole story, you would know how much bad I might have felt yesterday. My big hope for the day got crushed in no time. After seeing the empty class case, I sadly walked out of the bakery wondering whether I should walk a little further and look for other bakeries , but to be frank I didn’t feel like searching further, as I didn’t want to see any more empty glass cases that would make me feel more sad.  So I straight away walked to the hostel leaving away those broken ‘jalebi dreams’ right in front of the bakery.

When it comes to food, be it salty, spicy or sweet, I get deliriously happy seeing those scrumptious ones, and am one among those passionate foodies that you can ever meet. But let me tell you that I am never a fan of those expensive food stuffs. I prefer those decently priced ones that are comfortable for my tongue and my pocket as well. Although I lack even the average culinary expertise one has to have to survive, I am an ardent lover of good food, and at times crave for home cooked food so badly when I get the same monotonous hostel food every time. In fact, my true passion and adoration for delectable food increased when I started living in various hostels, and started missing those wonderful dishes that mom cooks at home. Jokingly I always keep telling my mom and my friends that I would even get ready to marry a chef if he is generous enough to cook some appetizing cuisines every day.

Why I love getting haircuts

Do you love looking the same throughout the year? May be a few of you would love it, but if you ask me I would say a big NO. I love getting hair cuts in between! It gives a kind of rejuvenating effect, plus my hair looks and feels more than a hundred times better than before, the reason why I don’t mind spending a little on haircuts.  So, I had a nice haircut the other day; the must needed one that I’ve been wanting since last few months.  There’s nothing like a good haircut to boost confidence and pump energy in to the body and mind, the reason why I do it in-between, although many of my friends are totally against idea of changing hairstyles frequently. But I love experimenting different hairstyles and I am a great fan of shorter hairdos, the reason why I always prefer it instead of those long and hard-to-manage kind of hairstyles. To be frank, mom and dad are absolutely against shortening the hair, but thankfully don’t rant much seeing me in short hair. So this time, I thought of making it a little short, almost neck length, with some nice fringes to cover my above average sized forehead. Luckily I have my hairstylist back in town after a brief hiatus, and so I just went to him and asked what can be done. Although it took some time for me to explain to him the kind of ‘look’ that I need, much to my happiness he said it can be done easily. I was more than happy hearing it, because I really wanted to get rid of the kind of messy look that I had.  My not so good locks had grown too long and was looking significantly less stunning, the reason why I was so desperate to get rid of that wired and outdated look. A new hairstyle, as far as I know, is the best way to bring some bright and spontaneous changes in life, exactly what I get after each haircut. Haircuts make me feel good and irresistibly confident, and make me uniquely beautiful.

With the dream of getting a perfect new look; I went to the hair studio the very next day, to get my hair snipped. We started off the makeover by 9 am and completed it by 1pm. Although I had to take a lot of strain and had to sit in the same posture for almost four hours, all those worries were absolutely worthy when I saw myself in the mirror after the whole process. It felt really awesome! From the messy and dull appearance, I got the chic look that I wanted to have. I must admit that both the hair treatment and styling was a bit expensive like never before, but considering the amount of change that the whole makeover has made on my face, I think it was worth the money that he asked for.

To be frank, I was a bit scared of how I would look after a shower, when all the styling goes off, but thankfully I am looking beautiful now, even though  styling no more there after the first hairwash.

I first cut my curly locks back two years back, but what turned out was a kind of untidy and boring appearance after the first shower. It was all messed up as my hair was so badly curly. Even though I tried managing it with some good hair products, I failed badly!  So, after that defeated attempt, I tried chemical treatment to get rid of the unruliness of my locks, and thankfully it worked, and my locks started becoming a little more obeying from then on.  Even though I have to do hair smoothening every year, I don’t mind doing it as long as it makes my hair texture smooth and manageable.

“Sorry, what’s your name?”

One among the long list of bad habits that I have is that I forget people’s names very soon, and often draw a very big blank, cutting a very sorry figure before others. I know it may not be a very big deal in today’s busy world, but it can turn out a bit embarrassing at times, when someone comes to me with a friendly smile and chitchats about umpteen stuffs, when I stand perplexed wondering who this person is where both met last. I don’t do it intentionally, but it happens again and again, no matter how hard I try. Last Sunday I was on my way back to the hostel, when I met one of my former students. He came to me and started talking nonstop about the school days, and I kept answering all his questions while racking my brain to remember his name. Seeing my confused expression, he said his name and the year in which I taught him. Let me confess that I felt really bad for not having remembered his name, as I had taught him for almost a year. It was more than awkward, and I had to say sorry to him before leaving.

I try my best to remember the name of all the people whom I meet, but at times they just vanish from mind with no specific reason. This happens repeatedly when I meet some of the new employees in my office, and for this reason I ask for apology in advance as I know very well that their names may remain inaccessible at times, especially when my head is loaded tons of other stuffs.  But when it comes to my ex-students, college mates and school mates, it’s a bit upsetting, especially when they come to me and express their happiness to meet me. At times, I even forget the names of my distant cousins too, the reason why I often skip family functions, for not being in the awkward situations where people come and ask me a lot of things, and I keep wondering who they are.

Though I am terrible with names, I am good in remembering faces, the reason why I feel really guilty when I ask people to repeat their name again and again. I know it’s my memory that has to be blamed, and I don’t have any other excuse to say. But, other than remembering the names of people, my memory is absolutely flawless by god’s grace, and I am really happy for it. But it’s just the names of people that I am terrible with. At times I have even forgotten the name of people within minutes after introduction.  So the next time I meet them, I make sure to put up a very tactful conversation to make them say their name first, because I know very well that recollecting their names would be practically impossible.

To be frank, so far, I haven’t put any purposeful effort to memorize the names of people, as I do have this strong belief that remembering names is a skill that would never come to me. I am really not so confident about that part of the otherwise incredibly potent memory, and have not yet worked to improve it.  Dad has always told me to tone it up, as he knows very well that sometimes people would fret knowing that I can’t remember their names even after being extremely close to them. But frankly speaking, I am really hopeless at it.

When it comes to remembering names, some people are really gifted, not how it happens with me, when names go in one ear and right out the other. It’s kind of really suicidal to pick the “hey”s or “you”s to call a person, but with no other options left, I do this most of the times, just because I can’t remember people’s names easily, no matter how hard I try. It’s just not my cup of tea!