Why I love getting haircuts

Do you love looking the same throughout the year? May be a few of you would love it, but if you ask me I would say a big NO. I love getting hair cuts in between! It gives a kind of rejuvenating effect, plus my hair looks and feels more than a hundred times better than before, the reason why I don’t mind spending a little on haircuts.  So, I had a nice haircut the other day; the must needed one that I’ve been wanting since last few months.  There’s nothing like a good haircut to boost confidence and pump energy in to the body and mind, the reason why I do it in-between, although many of my friends are totally against idea of changing hairstyles frequently. But I love experimenting different hairstyles and I am a great fan of shorter hairdos, the reason why I always prefer it instead of those long and hard-to-manage kind of hairstyles. To be frank, mom and dad are absolutely against shortening the hair, but thankfully don’t rant much seeing me in short hair. So this time, I thought of making it a little short, almost neck length, with some nice fringes to cover my above average sized forehead. Luckily I have my hairstylist back in town after a brief hiatus, and so I just went to him and asked what can be done. Although it took some time for me to explain to him the kind of ‘look’ that I need, much to my happiness he said it can be done easily. I was more than happy hearing it, because I really wanted to get rid of the kind of messy look that I had.  My not so good locks had grown too long and was looking significantly less stunning, the reason why I was so desperate to get rid of that wired and outdated look. A new hairstyle, as far as I know, is the best way to bring some bright and spontaneous changes in life, exactly what I get after each haircut. Haircuts make me feel good and irresistibly confident, and make me uniquely beautiful.

With the dream of getting a perfect new look; I went to the hair studio the very next day, to get my hair snipped. We started off the makeover by 9 am and completed it by 1pm. Although I had to take a lot of strain and had to sit in the same posture for almost four hours, all those worries were absolutely worthy when I saw myself in the mirror after the whole process. It felt really awesome! From the messy and dull appearance, I got the chic look that I wanted to have. I must admit that both the hair treatment and styling was a bit expensive like never before, but considering the amount of change that the whole makeover has made on my face, I think it was worth the money that he asked for.

To be frank, I was a bit scared of how I would look after a shower, when all the styling goes off, but thankfully I am looking beautiful now, even though  styling no more there after the first hairwash.

I first cut my curly locks back two years back, but what turned out was a kind of untidy and boring appearance after the first shower. It was all messed up as my hair was so badly curly. Even though I tried managing it with some good hair products, I failed badly!  So, after that defeated attempt, I tried chemical treatment to get rid of the unruliness of my locks, and thankfully it worked, and my locks started becoming a little more obeying from then on.  Even though I have to do hair smoothening every year, I don’t mind doing it as long as it makes my hair texture smooth and manageable.


3 responses

  1. I recently got a hair style that sound quite similar.. But since i am bit overweight..my hairstylist refused to cut it off and make it as short as i would have liked it..how sad it that??!

    by the way..I am from Ernkulam too..!!
    Would love to know where you got your hair done!

  2. Thanks Ammu..!!!

    So..you a student?!

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