Random cravings

Having a crazy craving for a favorite foodstuff is never a crime, but having the strongest desire to have some of those ‘curvaceous’ jalebis, clad from ‘head to toe’ in pure ghee, can be a little extra luxury for people like me who are on the brim of a balanced figure and may lose the equilibrium any time soon; or in short, very near to bloating up. But sadly I can’t even blame my poor taste buds as they are almost bored with the same old hostel food, and keep triggering such surprising cravings that I can’t afford to deny. So I had this huge craving yesterday, and wanted just one or two jalebis, adequate enough to satisfy my no so stubborn taste buds. I knew that it would add up a few extra calories to my diet, but I so badly wanted it that I purposefully forgot the ‘dietary’ part. To be frank, I am really not an avid fitness freak, and nor am I a lazy lad either. I do my share of exercises whenever possible, but not on a regular basis. I walk a little and do some stretching exercises every day, and make sure not to eat stomach full, the reason why I felt it would be fine to have just one or two jelabis.

So, with all these plans in mind, I left the office on time, thinking about those yummilicious jalebis that I was about to savor. After getting down at the bus stop, I hurried to the nearby bakery, hoping to see those sexy red dressed jalebis welcoming me from inside the glass case. I stepped in to the bakery and the very first sight almost broke my heart in just a second. There was not even one jalebi left in the bakery’s glass case, as they had a bulk order from some client of theirs, who took away all the jalebis. I was left with nothing!

After craving for something as simple as jalebi, I couldn’t have even one of them, and was almost in tears. I know this may sound a bit silly for a few of you, but if you try to put yourself in my shoes and see the whole story, you would know how much bad I might have felt yesterday. My big hope for the day got crushed in no time. After seeing the empty class case, I sadly walked out of the bakery wondering whether I should walk a little further and look for other bakeries , but to be frank I didn’t feel like searching further, as I didn’t want to see any more empty glass cases that would make me feel more sad.  So I straight away walked to the hostel leaving away those broken ‘jalebi dreams’ right in front of the bakery.

When it comes to food, be it salty, spicy or sweet, I get deliriously happy seeing those scrumptious ones, and am one among those passionate foodies that you can ever meet. But let me tell you that I am never a fan of those expensive food stuffs. I prefer those decently priced ones that are comfortable for my tongue and my pocket as well. Although I lack even the average culinary expertise one has to have to survive, I am an ardent lover of good food, and at times crave for home cooked food so badly when I get the same monotonous hostel food every time. In fact, my true passion and adoration for delectable food increased when I started living in various hostels, and started missing those wonderful dishes that mom cooks at home. Jokingly I always keep telling my mom and my friends that I would even get ready to marry a chef if he is generous enough to cook some appetizing cuisines every day.


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