Let me walk in the rain

Rain gods have finally heard my prayers! Yes, it’s raining heavily today, and as always I am in my best mood when it rains. For me, both drizzle and torrential rains are god-send magic potions to keep my spirits high;the reason why I enjoy every minute of  rain and love taking long walks to adore its mesmerizing beauty.

Summer was way too long and unbearable this year, making me grumpy and freakish all the time, and added to that was the constant sinus problems that used to make my evenings horrible, literally bring me down to tears.  April and half of May passed by with constant rants about blazing summer heat, the reason why I don’t have anything worth saying other than nutty office works plus scorching  heat that gave me some fifty plus tiresome days with unbelievably high temperature. What I wanted to do these days was just to remain in my cosy bedroom and never get out in to the hot sun, but at times those ‘never wanted to do’ things come up high on the list of daily activities, and I couldn’t help but go out in the sun for many times on most of the days, unwillingly getting those sinusitis attacks over and over again. But now that the grey clouds have started hovering menacingly above the city, I think we would have a really good monsoon season this year, and all the excruciating summer woes will get totally washed out by the onset of monsoon.

A relaxed stroll in the rain feeling those tiny little rain droplets of rain water falling on my body, every rain droplet splashing romantic kisses on my cheeks repeatedly, and cosseting cold tickling every inch of the skin, rain is the best companion that I’ve ever had so far. It not only helps me breath out all the tensions and negative energy that get stuck up in some of those unknown corners of body, but also keeps me lively throughout the day. From waking me up by tapping its wet finger against my cheeks, gifting me a comfy & romantic cuddle on waking up, to accompanying me during my lonely walks to and from the office and making me fall asleep to its soft lullaby, rain has always been the most loving and undemanding partner throughout the years, the reason why I keep falling in love with it over and over again. I can’t help but keep thanking heavens for gifting me some of the refreshingly beautiful rainy seasons that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life, be it by walking in the rain and listening to raindrops hitting the earth, or even watching the beauty of rain from my hostel window. If rain were a human, I am sure it would have enticed millions of people to hypnotically follow it just like The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

We all love them and yet some people pretend to hate them, for some unknown reasons. I keep wondering why such people don’t move to some other place, like a desert, if they don’t love rain. They remain here and yet cure rain, which means they do love it so madly but are just so hypocritical enough to admit the fact that they crazily love rain.  But I really don’t mind confessing my unending love with rain; taking walks holding my hand out to feel the rain, hearing the pitter-patter of rain drops, looking up towards the sky and letting those raindrops fall on my face, getting drenched, having samosa chat and hot coffee from the roadside shop, hearing my favorite songs, or even writing a good blog on the captivating beauty of rain.

Unlike most of my friends who start showing fake gloominess at the arrival of rain, saying rain would dampen their spirits, I don’t like concealing my passion for rain; instead I admit it very openly.  I think we are really lucky for having rain in plentiful throughout a couple of months every year. It’s always mesmeric to watch those grey dressed clouds up there, waiting for us to call them down, wanting us to love them dearly.


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