Water water nowhere!

This happened two days back. I was back in the hostel after a tiresome day, and went straight to the bathroom to wash my face, only to see that there was no water. The pipe started sending me air bubbles instead and even that stopped after a couple of minutes. Like always, I felt our age-old water pump might have gone on strike again, but later came to know that it was not our pump , but the one owned by the water authority that went on sleep mode, giving us and many other people city the worst possible time that we’ve had. Upon contacting the hostel warden, my worst fear came true – there’s no water in the tank that supplies water to our building. It was more than shocking, but our warden soon came up with the reliving news that there was adequate water in one among our hostel buildings, about a minute away from mine. That brought a little happiness on my face and I rushed to the building as soon as I can.

There is nothing more frustrating than water scarcity, and I am facing it since last two days. Not just me, but more than half of the inmates of our hostel don’t get the satisfying amount of water to meet their daily needs. With average supply of water in one of three mammoth buildings in our hostel, all the inmates are now ‘extra punctual’ like never before,  so that they can take-up a secure place at the front of the queue in front of  the couple of bathrooms that have nearly adequate water supply. The smarter ones have packed  their bags and left for home or other secure places, whereas the ‘less than smarter’ ones like me still stay behind  with our ‘to go/not to go’ uncertainty.

I am not saying that those who have left the hostel should have remained in such situations and kept suffering, yet I couldn’t help but wonder why people sometimes lack the endurance to be in such tough situations and tackle them with ease. Running away from problems would never put an end to the endless struggles that we have to face in life; instead it will only make our mind weak and fragile enough to keep doing it over and over again. Be it stale food or no water, by the grace of almighty and my parents I can proudly say that I’ve survived more than seven years in various hostels, the reason why I can survive anywhere in this world, with all the willpower and positivity that I have amassed throughout the last seven plus years.

So I have decided that I won’t be going anywhere until there’s absolute scarcity of water, the extreme scarcity that no one can survive. I know I can easily adjust myself to difficult situations, and I’ve done this even before, many times before, when there was more terrible water scarcity, really bad enough that we didn’t have adequate water to take bath or brush our teeth.  Often our water scarcity problems are short-term, but this time it has extended to a couple of days making me a little upset, yet I will keep adjusting until the last minute, until the situation gets most horrible.


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