How simple things can teach us big lessons

If you ask me the best place in my hostel, I wouldn’t take even a second to give you the answer, as it’s no other place but our really big and beautiful garden , right in front of the three colossal buildings that provide roof to more than 200 of us, the inmates. The mesmerizing beauty of our garden not only captivates the attention of people who visits us, but also the passersby who take a second or two to stand in front and watch its enchanting beauty. There is a funny side, and that’s when men get misunderstood as eve teasers, when the stop for a moment and enjoy the beauty of garden, the real ‘headturner’, with some of the beautiful trees and flowers that one could ever find in the entire city.

Being Sunday, totally free from the juggles of work, I decided to relax a bit in the evening, by walking through our garden. It had rained a few minutes before I got out, and I could see tiny droplets of water on the leaves and flowers, glittering beautifully in the little bit of sunshine that followed the drizzle.  I took my coffee from the mess hall, and walked towards the benches in the garden.

Most of the inmates often spend their Sunday hanging out with friends, or boyfriends to be precise, while the married ones go home, the reason why there weren’t many people in the garden. I sat on one of the benches there and started sipping my coffee.  It was damp everywhere and the grass was soothingly wet.  I took off my flip-flops and kept my bare feet on the grass to feel the ticklish coldness that soon drove in straight in to my body giving me goose bump of delight.  Cold wind was rushing through my hair, and I closed my eyes for a moment enjoying the aroma of rain that the wind carried along with it.

I finished my coffee and wanted to walk through the garden for some time. I took a few steps from the benches and there started another drizzle. Scared of the possible chances of getting a fever, I wanted to go back to my room, but soon changed my mind thinking about the pleasure of walking in the garden amid an enticing drizzle. I took a few more steps and raised my bare hands up towards the sky, closing my eyes, feeling the cold rain drops tickling my skin. I felt a cozy feel on my hand and opened my eyes to see what it could be. It was nothing but two beautiful rose petals that had fallen from the rose flower on the nearby plant.

rose petals(Picture courtesy – )

It hurt me, my heart ached beyond measure, and I looked at the flower with a heavy heat. But surprisingly, I felt as if it’s happily bidding adieu, saying it’s time to leave this beautiful earth, promising to return soon. I had seen fully bloomed rose flower as I was walking towards the mess hall in the morning, and now here it is, ready to die-out in less than a day after full bloom. It was looking extremely attractive and blissful in the morning, as if it was completely taking pleasure in its presence on the earth, beautifully dancing to-and-fro to the slow breeze, attracting the attention of everyone who passed by, smiling at them graciously. But came evening time, and here it is ready to end its life on earth!

Even when it was about to lose its angelic charm, ready to die and decay, the petals looked absolutely divine as if it has totally no regrets to die-out.  Without complaining to me about how nature had cruelly plucked it off from the rose flower, the petals soon flew away from my hand, in to the direction that the wind took them.  As I kept walking I looked again at the rose flower, and I could see more petals leaving it, falling down one by one.

I walked back towards my room thinking about the rose flower and the petals that were forcefully separated from it. Without any qualms, they left the flower and the plant, one by one, falling down gracefully, as if they are leaving the earth to be reborn, to be happy all over again.

While we stupidly spend the entire life worrying about trivial things, here’s a beautiful flower that‘s ready to abide by the laws of nature and mother earth, giving us a good lesson to remember. We poison and kill our body and mind throughout our life, throwing many useless things on ourselves unnecessarily, just to quench our selfish and egoistic needs, losing the beauty of life, happiness that we’re gifted with, and the purity and divinity that nature has bestowed on us, where as here’s a rose flower, that lived its life to the fullest, even if it’s for a day, ready to die and fade out positively, hoping to be reborn very soon.

Sometimes even those things that you consider simple and unimportant can give you some of the biggest lessons in life, and here are two rose petals that kept telling me one of them, while dying out – Don’t poison yourself with unquenchable selfishness, instead, live your life to the fullest and spread happiness every day, because you don’t own the very next moment, and you can never predict it. So why bother to leave away the happiness of the present moment?


8 responses

  1. “live your life to the fullest and spread happiness every day” If everybody would make that the motto of their life, the world would be a happier place to live in.

  2. Very true Bhavya! 🙂

  3. There is no time like now and in our hectic lives we need to take some time to stop and smell the roses.
    dropping by from the Write Tribe rose petals linkup

  4. @Suzy: Every one is so crazily running behind their own selfish and materialistic benefits. May be they will later regret for not having lived and enjoyed some of those bygone wonderful moments of their lives

  5. Dear Ammu….you have very nicely described it in your words that nature is the best teacher…Good luck

  6. @Shellymona: Thanks a lot. There is no better teacher in this world than Nature, but unfortunately not many people take pains to understand this fact, the reason why we struggle endlessly throughout our life and yet fail to remain happy and satisfied.

  7. Life is now….live it! Great message and a beautiful post!

  8. Kajal Kapur: Thank you 🙂

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