‘Stuffed’ with love and care

If you can prevent yourself from bursting in to a loud laugh,  and control the urge to make fun of me so badly, I have something to confess here, and that’s nothing but my uncontrollable love for fluffy and lovable soft toys, especially those medium and huge sized ones that are so cute and huggable, and never fail to induce a huge amount of positivity an pleasantness in to the person who owns one of them, or even watch them sitting next to one another on the glass shelves of those beautiful toy shops.

Although I have more than one stuffed toys, I sleep with a softy and plush teddy bear that I’ve not named yet,  not because I don’t have any, but to enjoy the freedom to call him all those cute names that I know. He is my best friend, and by far the only one worthy of sleeping beside me, curling softly to my belly. If you see me speaking him while I am in my room, or when am back from the office, asking him how they are feeling and how his day went, you wouldn’t take even a second to call me downright crazy, but can never succeed in taking away my liking for stuffed toys. Sadly my friends and the rest of the world can hardly understand this, or are rather very much prejudiced about this love of mine, the reason why most of them call me child-like and silly. So I’ve never dragged him out of my hostel room, and always want him to comfortably remain in the privacy of my bed. He has seen me crying myself to sleep, waking up happily, shouting and howling crazily, staying up all night reading or chatting with people, and doing all sorts of nutty stuffs that no one else in my life would have even imagined in their wildest dreams.

I know I am well past the age where I could have had a huge number of soft toys around me, to play with them, to hug tightly while I sleep, to kiss them on their soft and tender cheeks, to talk to them when I am all alone, to tell them stories that I have heard, or to give them those adorable names like Pinku and Tinku. Still those lovely looking teddy bears, Winnie The Poohs, and large Penguins that sit hand in hand on the shelves of the toy stores always keep draw me towards them as I pass-by, extending their tender little hand through the glass window, welcoming me to befriend with them. I turn behind and smile at them helplessly, saying I am past that phase of life when I would have run towards them and grabbed them the very next moment. If I forcefully turn my eyes away from looking at them, I feel as if I keep hearing their sobs asking why I unkindly avoided them and walked away.

There is a really big toy shop just a few meters away from our bus stop, with glass panes on the first and second floor, where soft toys are kept neatly arranged one after the other, like sweetie little babies sitting next to one another, and smiling adorably at the passersby.


Soft, cuddly, and every smiling,  softy toys make me happy like no one else can. I love being in their company, as they are always there for me whenever I need them, hugging me tightly, taking away all my sorrows and anxiety, and in return giving me immense happiness that no one else can offer. And above all, they never let me down or harshly judge me like the rest of the cold and cruel world. But given that I am in my thirties, as I said, my fondness for soft toys has always been a reason for constant laugh and ridicule, as people around call me crazy for loving the company of soft toys. However, I continue to keep giving deaf ears to all those who call me childish, as I have more than one good reasons to love my soft toys. Being alone in my room most of the times, they are the ones who keep me happy forever, the reason why I keep calling them the most wonderful friends on earth.  More than the beauty of their softy faces and adorable little eyes, they are the absolutely trustworthy confidants and the ever-ready-to-listen friends that I have every had so far in this busy and fast paced world where no one, not even some of my best friends, can take out ample time for me.


14 responses

  1. Awww that is just so cute.. and for those who make fun of you for still loving and cherishing your cuddly bears, ignore ignore 😉

  2. @Bhavya: Thank u so much. Yea, now I ignore their comments. 🙂

  3. So sweet…May your love of the soft cuddlies live forever..Ignore all those who laugh…we are responsible for our happiness and if it is a soft cuddly…so be it!

  4. @aparnasdotcom: Thank u so much. Yea I completely agree with you.

  5. Soft toys r for sure cute 🙂 I dont sleep with them but I love having them. I have angry birds and the latest belt (character from croods). Have mini teddys. They adorn our car and its a delight seeing them

  6. @afshan18: Thank you for the comment. Glad to find another softy toy lover.

  7. Do what your heart desires, soft toys are cute to look at and cuddle. My mother-in-law wanted a big doggy toy to keep on her bed 🙂

  8. @sukekkha: Thank you for the comment. Yea I do what I love to do. 🙂

  9. That was so sweet a read. Such a cute, cuddly read 🙂 And if your stuffed toys make you happy, why not?

  10. I can understand this post 🙂 I used to have a soft toy too, a big white dog with brown ears that I loved to hug and hold when I was little. I gave it to my little niece when she had to spend time in the hospital. She still has it 🙂

  11. Ammukutty.. U wont believe this, yesterday I was at Hamleys to buy a gift for my friends kid’s naming ceremony party and I was in my 7th heaven it took me 6hrs to drag myself out of the soft toy section.. Even I have just one Pooh who has shared my life with me, no one knows me better than him and I buy no other and dont let anyone gift me more cuz i dont want to him to feel that his love is getting shared..I so understand you…. Thank you for sharing this … I loved this post and my pooh just got buried in my hug right now.. 😀

  12. @Smitha: Thank u so much. @Leo: That’s so nice of you. I hope your niece will also love it as much as u did. @Deesnitch: Thanks for sharing your experience, and thanks for sending me a really sweet comment.

  13. Let me confess 🙂 I brought my childhood dolls with me when I got married 😀

    Do we ever stop loving cuddly toys?

  14. @thandapani: Awww that’s so sweet! There is no end to the love for those cute, cuddly friends. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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