A trash disguised as a movie

I’ve always been an avid fan of movies that portray life in the very raw and real way, and have watched a good number of classics that have successfully etched memorable retrospections of reality that we live and breathe in. But this in no way means they lack entertainment, as they were equally entertaining as well, and were absolutely worth the time that I had spend watching them. But, I had this one sudden shock a few days back when I was watching one among the new generation movies penned by a self proclaimed fan of one of the famous directors in the industry who gave us more than a handful of classic movies that have stood the test of time. I cannot cannot help but wonder how he could even think about breathing life in to such a script that has nothing but sex from head to tail. Sex, sex, and only sex! Be it a conversation between the protagonist and his friend or a casual talk between any other characters, what predominated throughout was nothing but the unending lust for female body. This sickening version of the tale of a few men of unquenchable lust, living in a medium sized lodge, was supposedly one of the much hyped and much written about movies of the previous year, and if I guess write, it had even received a pretty average collection in the box office, especially for the vulgarity that it served.

By vulgarity, I don’t mean shedding clothes and indulging in skin tickling sexual acts, but, the kind of gross putrid sexual talks throughout the entire movie, which would make the viewer feel as if the entire clan of men all over the world live their life only to satisfy their physical cravings. The whole plot was just based on the nauseating fantasies of a group of sexually perverted men, and their piggish gluttony for sex, which every character in the movie had in their own way. But for the lead character, all the other women in the movie where portrayed as glorified prostitutes who belong to the high stance in society but desperately look for men who can satisfy their ravenous lust. At one point, a female in the movie is even seen shamelessly asking a stranger for a one night stand.

I am not saying movies makers should stop showing portraying sex and physical gratification, but should never stoop down as mean as this, and make an entire movie that revolves around nothing but sickening sexual urges. Sex is as important as any other basic emotions that a human being has, but should never become the life and breath of an entire movie, as we, human beings do have many more emotions and needs in life other than physical lust.

Thankfully the movie was as short as one hour and few minutes, and I felt a kind of huge relief after the wearisome movie time that I had awaited with sky-high expectations in mind. But sadly, the whole crap did not only thwart my entire hopes and anticipations about the movie and script writer’s talent, but also spoiled my precious one plus hour.


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