Some Noisy ‘neighbors’

A week or two has never been a huge time gap in between my blogging journey, as I have taken more than that. But since I am trying to lessen the time gap between my writing accomplishments, here I am with yet another post on something that may sound a little silly to a few of you. But for me, it is more than awful, although I know that I would never get a stable and convincing solution for this worry. It’s nothing but the agony of being in a noisy ambiance, especially in the office. I start pulling my hair out and get cranky when the office surroundings get as noisy as a busy street.

Have a talkative colleague or a co-worker who keeps yipping on his cellphone throughout the day? If the clatter of the keyboard is overpowered by the blabber of a talkative co-worker, what one needs is a quick shift from that workplace, in order to get more concentration and perform better. People have asked me more than a zillion times about the reason behind my hatred towards those abnormally chatty people around my workplace desk. I have many reasons to stay away from such people who cannot stop themselves from being frantically noisy at workplace. The basic reason is my lack of patience to deal with people who create distractingly loud conversations and unpardonable nuisances in the name of vivaciousness. So what I do is just diplomatically stay away from them and thus save my ass. But I do keep wondering why some people talk so incessantly and need more than the required amount of attention and praise at workplaces, the reason why they keep chirruping every second for all the wanted and unwanted reasons.

At the outset, my work demands a good amount of concentration, which can be achieved only if I have a very pleasant and noiseless atmosphere around me. Being a writer I will have to in a totally noiseless and attentive zone. So it’s really hard for me to tolerate loquacious people around, no matter how fewer they are in number. But, being in an office, I can never demand for a comfort zone that I prefer to work in, and hence don’t try asking for a quieter place where noises don’t reach so easily.

But if you ask me about the kind of person I am, I would say I am a talky techie when compared to the nerdy ones that you might have seen around. Yes, I do talk, but not when I am working on something, the reason why I so badly hate people who are extremely noisy at workplaces, thus annoying those who are sitting around. Some of them just absentmindedly talk in almost ear-splitting noise that often gives my tympanum a huge shudder. I think such loudtalkers will be there everywhere and not just in the office. Some others consider it their privilege to have their mobile phones in ring tone mode, and make other forcefully turn around and listen to the low-grade ringtones and supposedly private conversations. There is yet another group of douche-bags who would play songs so loudly with absolutely no regard for people around them.

In short, workplace ethics is books and blogs don’t actually come into practice sometimes, which makes it really hard to be around such people who consider them privileged and elevated when compare to other people around. Having said that, I should not miss the gossip mongerers who are so sick at heart that they just love to spread all those cooked-up stories, irrespective of whether it hurts and badly insults the person they are talking about. I used to believe that women do this more, but have changed my opinion, as I know now that men are the worst gossip mongerers that one can ever find.

What do you do with work jerks of these sorts? How do you manage to avoid a chump who is keen on distracting you from a serious work? The uncontrollable anger that I used to have initially has now gone, as I have always felt that changing such people would be nothing but impossible. So I diplomatically remain tight lipped or try my own ways to put-in more concentration into my work. If “sound masking” is something easily possible I would have done it all over myself long back, in order to save me from the harsh ordeal of being left alone in the noisiest ambience.


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