How long does it take to write?

So how long does it take to write a good blog? He asked me this question out of the blue, and kept looking at me curiously to receive some calculations on the time for writing a post. I wasn’t taken aback but rather found myself laughing crazily on hearing this question, as I am so used to this subject, right from the day I started writing. So I don’t find it new or feel amazed when someone is set to count the time period that I would require to get my creative juices flowing. Because, sometimes all it takes is a few minutes, and sometimes it doesn’t come even after a few hours. There is no hard-and-fast rule or pre-written formula which I use to craft each post, the reason why I gave a big smile as an answer.

But to be frank, I had this unexplainable urge to say something puzzling, a bit complicated answer that leaves away a lot more confusions in the mind of the person who inquisitively asked me this question, but stopped me from doing it as I really didn’t want to another bunch of doubts in his mind, as he just couldn’t take-in the fact that I sometimes don’t blog for days and weeks together. For him, a post of 300+ words is a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, the reason why he felt I was more than lazy to jot down even those very few words that hardly need any time. I was not keen on giving him lecture on the necessity of writing a good stuff than putting up random posts, as per a pre-set time-frame. For all those who wish to count the number of hours or minutes that one’s creativity keeps flowing each day, I am left with nothing other than a pitiful smile, as tracking the time-frame of one’s creativeness and genuine writing is not as easy as calculating the time to bake a good cake or prepare a cup of flavoursome coffee.

Writing a couple of posts each week without fail is not my cup of tea as I just can’t scribble everything that comes in to mind, but needs stirring thoughts that arouse the writer in me and entice me to jot them down one by one. Other than for official purposes, I lack the meticulousness in writing, and I am least worried about this, as I don’t think a good piece of writing has anything to do with being meticulous and time-bound. I neither set deadlines nor write just to put up a post within a given time-frame. But I do know a few people who have set per day word goals, and make sure to sincerely adhere to them. Sometimes I do go their way, and write a fixed number of posts, whereas there are times when I step back for days and weeks, just brooding over random thoughts. Forcing myself write, regardless of what comes out, I am sure I would end up with a messy piece, the reason why I never do it.

Quality writings, I think, often don’t originate within a fixed time frame that we set, but rather, come up out of the blue giving that required spark to help scribble a good piece that people would love to read. So when someone asks me the time required to write a good post, I just smile, as that’s all I wish to say about the reason why good blogs don’t come up steadily each week.

Back to the question that I’ve to answer, if someone is really adamant on knowing how long it takes to write a blog post I would say this – “As long as it takes”.


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