Why I love ‘people watching’

It’s yet another weekend and as always I hardly have anything to be excited about, other than the very usual must-do stuffs. So if you ask me about my hopes for the 48 long hours to come, I really won’t be jumping out of joy and giving you long list of weekend excitements that you would love to hear. It’s just not because I am a boring person who keeps aloof from the fun and happiness around, and stays within a self created world. I am very much like you all, but find myself very much uncomfortable amid crowd and noises. So I make sure not to turn up at places that are jam packed or noisy, but love taking long evening walks, and that too quite alone. Does that sound a bit uninteresting?

Actually it is not, because I love those few minutes or sometimes an hour, when I get plentiful of those enjoyable moments to watch people around, without getting noticed. I love watching different people and their activities and find it so enjoyable as long as they don’t notice me staring at them. And yes, I do know a good number of tactics to watch people without getting visible on their radar, to put it shortly, by remaining incognito. Naturalistic observation power, without being intruding and attention-grabbing, it comes out of practice and will stay within you if you have passion to retain those good observing qualities. I am not saying that I am an expert in it, but I am not too bad either. So whether I go for walks or sit in the coffee shop next to my hostel, finding multitudes of multifarious people is the best free time activity that I would love to indulge in, and that too preferably on weekends when I get more diverse people, when compared to weekdays, and can have a location from where I don’t look obtrusive and conspicuous.

If you ask me the reason why I love doing this, I do have a lot of reasons to say, but the most important ones include the opportunity to learn how different people are- sometimes weird and sometimes wonderful, their notoriously different behavior, relationship interactions, body language, as well as their attitude in public. People are sometimes so different that I often get numerous moments of fun and excitement watching them doing some downright crazy things in public, the kind of stuffs that you can’t even dare to imagine even in those wildest dreams of yours. To tell you one such incident, once I was in a restaurant that’s a bit far from my place, close to a lake. I was there to treat myself with a scrumptious lunch, and took a seat close to the window. There was middle aged man sitting on the opposite side, along with three women. It took me a couple of minutes to realize that one among them was his wife, because he was keen on showering his attention and praise on the other two women, while his wife was quiet all the time. It was more than piteous watching her gloomy face, while her husband was literally on cloud nine with the two other women around.

Here’s another incident! Once I was on my way to the hostel, and saw this couple, both teens, so weirdly indulging in PDA as if they are in their bedroom, with no one around. It was one of the trashiest sights that I have ever seen, and preventing myself from witnessing more embarrassments, I just fled the very next moment.
Telling about the weirdest of those doesn’t mean I haven’t had the chances to be a part of some priceless moments. Yes I’ve had, not one but several. But as always, the wider ones just come up so quickly, perhaps to keep reminding that some people can be so stupid and strange in public.

This secret little pastime of mine can literally whisk me away for hours together without getting caught and accused for staring at strangers. Because people are just unpredictable, people watching is such a wondrous pastime that one can have, plus a good and FREE learning experience too! All that you need to do is leave your prejudices behind learn how to observe without staring insultingly.


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