Accessorizing in the right way

That bright and noticeable diamond studded earring on his left ear was what I noticed first, or rather immensely amused about, while meeting him amid some serious discussions about the new project. A twenty something, spotlessly clean shaven, and conservatively dressed computer programmer with a completely mismatching woman’s accessory, noticeably stapled on his right earlobe, that very funny sight of seeing him wearing a huge womanly earring gave me some moments of absolute hilarity.

It was funny to watch him walk around with an extremely feminine face, and that crystal earrings that augmented his womanly appearance. I had this sudden urge to laugh my lungs off but prevented myself from doing that right in front of him, as I never wanted to hurt his girly choice that completely disfigured his overall appearance. So I left the place soon, but couldn’t forget his new look, which kept me wondering about the reason why a man of his age would need such an out-of-the place accessory, firmly fitted on his ear, only to create some unwanted femininity to mask his raw, sensual, god-gifted masculinity, something that everyone would love and admire. To put it shortly, why on earth should a man wear such huge earrings, and make him look more womanish than manly.

Call it the newest fashion statement and I would vehemently disagree, as fashion has to always go as per the gender of a person, and for men, such huge and glittery earrings are totally a mismatch, and will look totally ‘un-masculine’. I know that an earring is never a benchmark to identify the sexual orientation of a person, but if someone is robbed of his mannish looks, gives him a style statement that disfigures his gender and identity, I don’t think he should take pains to pierce his ears and clip that sparkling accessory on his earlobe, with the very false notion that it would make him more handsome. It won’t, and it would never do that! On the contrary ,it will only adds-in a noticeable amount of feminineness on his face, thus unknowingly making him a hot topic of ridicule before others. It may be a matter of taste, but let me state something plainly before I go further; I really don’t like seeing men in such shiny and earrings. I find it more than disgusting and have always kept wondering why men are so fascinated towards earrings, and if they love that supposedly women’s accessory, they should love our anklets and bangles as well rite? If they trying to make themselves look sexier by attaching those sparkling pieces of jewellery to their earlobes, I would call it downright craziness as a huge earring clipped on to his ear, or sometimes both ears, would never make a man sexier, but will only pronounce his doubts and insecurities about his appearance and sexuality. I know that some people do it as a part of their religious customs, but those are often very small and hard to notice ones, which has nothing to do with changing a man’s looks. I hate those long and bigger ones that today’s metroseexual self-proclaimed fashionistas wear. If they are desperately hoping for an edgier look by doing this, they would get in on most of the occasions, but will be on the wrong way most of the times.

I know that many of you many disagree with my thoughts and to all those women who feel men look good-looking and sexy in earrings, here’s my question: If you feel that men are handsome in earrings, will you feel the same if they wear a pair of bangles or anklets, or even seeing your man dressing up like you? Earrings on men may not matter as long as they are short and barely discernible but when they turn out to be long, shimmering and noticeable, it just rips off one’s entire manly looks that are natural and god-gifted. Because, it’s all about outfitting oneself sensibly and attractively (not in the wrong way), and not just blindly follow a trend, irrespective of what it can do to one’s appearance and personality.


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