Some ‘loud bells’ in real and reel lives

As I am staying in a hostel, I never get to watch television on weekdays, as they often go in supersonic speed, right from waking up at 6.30 am to hitting the bed before 10.30pm. As we are told to embrace darkness by 10.30 (thanks to the skyrocketing electricity bills), I make sure to go to bed at least 10 minutes before the set warning time, in order to save myself from getting caught by the security guards, who keep parading around in search of the inmates who are lavishly using electricity after 10.30.

Although I don’t watch T.V, at times I scan through those YouTube updates of most of the daily T.V programs, just for fun and relaxation. It was during one such moments that I happened to see this program, yesterday, when I saw a man hurling  filthy abuses at a woman and even pushing and threatening her on a reality show. I was absolutely shocked and taken aback by the way he gave vent to his emotions, so openly on national television. Although I couldn’t  understand what actually led to the whole dirty fiasco, but it was appealing to see a man going ahead and verbally abusing a woman, showering all the nastiest words on her. Supposedly one of the much watched programs, I never felt they would telecast such a shocker on television, and horrify entire audience, along with making us wonder if T.R.P is the only factor that every show director keeps in mind during the making. No matter for what reason the fight happened, it was terrible listening to man badmouthing a woman to the and outrageously justifying his act. Whether the entire fight was real, or reel, just to get more viewership, it was more than nasty and ended up on a very violent note, which kept resonating the fact there are still a lot of men in our society who keep believing that woman can be subjected to verbal abuse whenever and wherever required, with no one to question such heinousness.

Even though I stopped watching the show right after the first few minutes, each word that he said kept echoing in my mind, making me wonder how women are perceived, and why men feel that loud and harsh words would make women vulnerable, weak, and submissive. I have no intention to generalize and come to a conclusion that all men are the same, but definitely there are quite a lot of male folks who still believe that ruthless words and loudest voices can hurt women and make them weak and cry. I pity them! I pity them for their narrow-mindedness, for being shamelessly chauvinistic, for being uncouth and dictator-like. Such men, I think, should be deprived of women’s love and care, and should be made to live lonesome throughout their entire  life. I don’t believe that this would make them understand what they’ve lost due to their egotism, but this would definitely save a woman from being abused.

Having telecasted the entire fight on national television, the makers of the show have in one way highlighted the arrogance of such men, but, on the flipside, they also made the audience watch and listen to all the abusive words and violent reactions that doesn’t befit a primetime show. A television program which is apparently for the audience to relax and unwind turned out to be the outlet of verbal vomit, thus leaving a sickening impact on everyone who watched the show. Was this actually necessary? I don’t think it was, as the editors were free to cut-off the worst part of that nastiest fight. Instead they didn’t, and went on to telecast it, even showed a teaser on that!

Scripted or not, the show left a huge shock and nauseating feeling in my mind that I have decided not to watch it again, no matter how good they are going to be in future. Being a woman, I have lots of respect for all the women folk, rich or poor, commoner or famous, the reason why I can’t stand a woman being abused on national television and people watching it with smile. It’s nothing but disgusting, absolutely disgusting!


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