When I ‘dumped’ Facebook

I deleted my Facebook account! I know it is no big deal, but have to tell you this because of the many benefits that one gets by putting an end to the absolutely worthless social networking spree that most of us are addicted to. Yes, that included me to, until sometime back, when I lived on Facebook, right from dawn to dusk. I posted pictures and messages non-stop, I shared umpteen posts, most of them unread and unheard of, and I kept messaging to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, out of senseless courtesy. But for the office hours( as Facebook is ‘officially banned’) I lived in the social networking world throughout most of the bygone days, reading messages and replying to them from every place that you can ever imagine, including my toilet! I know it would sound ridiculous that I ‘Facebooked’ even at those odd places, but I don’t mind admitting it. So there came this particular moment of enlightenment, which happened about a few weeks back, when I felt I am desperately addicted to something that’s of no use, instead is stealthily taking away a lot of my precious time. So I decided to put an end to the whole episode by pulling the plug of my social networking life.

But I must tell you an important thing about this, and that’s about the difficulty of coping up with not having something that I had enjoyed for more than four years. It was not easy, and I had to kind of struggle for more than a week to come in terms with the fact. The truth is, I’ve always wanted to do this since last one year, but kept changing my decision, and made excuses, just because I felt I need to ‘keep up with everything and everyone. But I gathered the courage one day, and went on to delete my account, as I really wanted to get rid of the addiction that I’ve had to Facebook. Does that sound like a bit of exaggeration, a kind of cooked up story? It’s not, and you would know this when you break yourself free of your Facebook obligations. Facebook changes your entire life in the way you will never recognize until you decide to take that crucial step and leave away.

So finally I did it, and I really don’t regret for what I did. I don’t miss anyone either. You know why? Not having Facebook has brought this strong realization that more than half of our Facebook ‘friends’ are ‘real friends’. Since I deleted my account, I’ve started realizing that real friends don’t actually need any of those reminders to keep in touch with us, or to remember us. As long as you have your phone and email, they will definitely reach out to you and extend their love and support, as always. This was almost like rediscovering who my real friends are! In my case, more than three fourth of the so called ‘Facebook friends’ didn’t even turn up to ask me why I deleted my account. This is because Facebook can actually fool you and make you think that you have many good friends around. The occasional comments, pokes, messages, tagging, and shares, are actually misunderstood by many, for the depth of friendship that people have, which is actually wrong. One may realize this only after leaving Facebook.

I am not a Facebook hater, and nor am I planning to foul-mouth about it. I love social media, and am always fascinated by its tremendous growth and outreach. But what surprises me is the amount of time and energy that I save now by not being on Facebook. I spend more time reading and writing, have no more distractions during work, and have stopped spending the lion’s share of my evening time in-front of the laptop, replying, commenting, sharing, liking, and posting endlessly. I spend more time wisely and usefully, rather than worrying about messages and posts that I am ‘obliged’ to answer.

So I am on my road to make days more meaningful, make wise use of each moment, and reduce the number of things that I have to pay attention to each day, so that I can focus on that that are actually ‘beneficial’ for me.

Adieu Facebook! I don’t think I will ever miss you!


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