The fault finders

They always keep sending those  wrong vibes conspicuously, and keep blabbering pesky words  that keep irking us every now and then. Want to know about whom I am referring to? They are none other than the kind of men folk who are born with annoying talent to find faults, just faults, often fabricated, in whatever we women do. If you’re wondering why I have come up with this topic abruptly, I do meet a good number of such men each day, who keep boasting about their ‘superior’ brain, at the same time taking digs at the female folks.  Sometimes I feel the desperate urge to yell at each one of them and make them understand the depth of my anger on hearing such false accusations and blown-up imaginations of their fickle mind, but I just keep quiet. It’s because I know very well that it’s hard to make them understand how mean they are. So in order to save my valuable time and precious energy, I just remain silent or rather make them ‘feel better’ by leaving their comments unanswered, as I know that they mostly take my silence as an approval of what they say.

There has never been a day when I haven’t heard from such men, who keep pretending to have seat of supreme intelligence right at the center of their ego-filled heads. Whether they see you doing something or coming up with a clever idea, these so called ‘walking encyclopedias’ start sending the vibes of negativism right from the very next moment ,often as trashy comments that belittle, degrade, and demote the hearer. Are they jealous? Can’t they stand the success of a woman? Or are they so badly insecure? If you ask me the reason why such men cannot stop grousing ill about whatever women say or do, I am not sure what exactly goes wrong in their mind and what triggers their need to foul mouth women? Perhaps it has some big fat explanation in one of those high-end psychological theories which is not my cup of tea, but I do know that there would be something seriously wrong in the minds of such toffee-nosed men, which makes them get cantankerous on finding that a woman can come up with intelligent ideas.

I’ve started feeling sorry for such men, rather than anger which I used to feel a couple of years back. With age and experience dealing with such people around, I’ve learned that such men would never leave away their boorish and egoistic attitude, the reason why I’ve now started ignoring what they keep blabbering, as I feel bad for their poorly malfunctioning brain that can hardly distinguishing the right and the wrong. I feel pity and I just laugh them off most of the time.

Blind to the core to ignore their own foolishness, such men are often rude and hateful enough to create a pitiful and foolish figure before others because of their ‘we are better than you’ attitude.I am too sure that these men, who have made fault finding their motto in life, will be actually the dirtiest baggage of faults, the reason why they are always keen on finding faults in others, as they are very well aware of their faults and insecurities, and are desperate to hide them by finding faults in others.With such  chauvinistic men around, I can definitely say that constructive criticism is almost extinct.


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