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Healthy eating is never easy

I’m not sure what made me gain weight in a short timespan, but I must agree that I had become so plump by the mid of this year that everyone, both at my home and in the office, couldn’t actually stop wondering how I gained so much weight ‘in the blink of an eye’. With everyone’s overgrowing concern and some hurting comments that kept pouring in every now and then, poking fun at my sudden weight-gain, I couldn’t help but keep a close check on my body as well as the things that eat.  I am definitely not a glutton, and was never one, at any point of my life. So I was really curious to know the reason why I am getting fleshy and too big for my clothes. Although I didn’t have any major health problems that could have augmented my weight gain, I decided to ‘cut down’ a few things that might have become the major reasons behind my sudden weight gain.

Blame my love for junk foods, the whole task was not at all easy. I wanted to start-off in a very simple way, but the sudden dieting plan took a huge toll on my body for awhile in the beginning. From junk food to samsoa chats, I had do cut down everything that belonged to the junk food category, and the second part of my goal was to reduce the quantity of rice that I had been having till then.

I knew very well that the whole amount of calories that have accumulated in my body would never burn-out overnight.  I wanted it to go slowly yet steadily, the reason why I leaned a few exercises from one of my hostel mates who is an avid fitness freak and never skips her gym sessions, no matter how ill or busy she is. So, with some easy to do exercises and some basic diet changes I started off my journey to becoming healthy. But I have to admit something here! No matter how serious you are about your diet, your craving would suddenly arise from nowhere many times each day, and I was no different. Sometimes cravings became too high that I couldn’t stop bursting in to tears. But I forcefully stopped myself from becoming vulnerable all the time, but definitely cheated on my diet plans in between or very rarely, and I don’t really regret for that, as I felt I had to be rightly rewarded for the pains that I am taking to get back to shape, and become healthy. By healthy, I don’t want to say that I was unhealthier before, and had a bunch of bodily issues. But I wanted a physically fit body devoid of unnecessary fat deposits.

Snacks time was the favorite part of my day, and I’ve always wanted something heavy, like a plate of chat, a  vegetable roll or burger, along with tea. I had been so used to having all those delectable rolls and burgers that initially I was finding it so hard to stop that addiction. I knew it was hard for me to stop my evening snacks, but wanted to eat something good, and hence started having 2 dry chappathis or appams with a mix of vegetables. It was totally unappetizing and tasteless. But I had no other option left. Slowly I started getting used to my new set of snacks, which sometimes included fruits and arrowroot biscuits as well, instead of chappathis and appams.

ChickpeaAndVegCurryTo be continued…

On The Road to Eating Healthy

So it’s been a week since I am on ‘rice-free’ lunch! I know it’s never a big deal, but for me it actually is, as I am not used to skipping my heavy scrumptious meals that mostly contain a huge amount of rice and equal amount of curries. Whether it’s at home or in the hostel, a lunch devoid of rice is something I could never ever imagine, even in my wildest dreams, and would not have never tried doing that if I have a pretty reasonable sized tummy and a balanced weight. But sadly I don’t have both of them right at the moment, and my only resort to get back to shape is to cut down the amount of rice that I have each day.

So, to start with, I decided to avoid rice filled lunch for a week ans I wanted to see how it works. I had fruits for lunch this entire week, and to my surprise I tried defeating my noon-time hunger by just having fruits alone for lunch. I was never confident that I would be able suppress my mid-day hunger pangs with just fruits alone. It’s because my crazy fondness for rice and spicy curries that I could never avoid from my lunch menu.


Right from the day I remember, lunch was something I’ve never compromised on. I could never think anything lighter like chappathi or any other low-calorie food in place of rice, as I always needed a whole lots of things for mealtime, literally a plateful. Curries, pickles, pappadams, and rice, I needed them all to that very stomach full level from where I would have no option other than voluntarily get up and leave.

Lunches and dinners used to be that heavy and calorie filled throughout the years, and I hardly paid any attention to the amount of food that I was filling in to my body. No matter how many times my dad tried to make me understand the possible aftermaths of having stomach-full every time, and that too with high calorie filled foodstuffs, I kept brushing them off, because, to my extreme happiness, I never used to put on huge amount weight, no matter whatever I ate, and I considered it as a very generous advantage to have more rice and curries as per the instructions of my ever dominating taste-buds.

But things turned topsy-turvy about two years back, when I suddenly started putting on a huge amount of weighty, and that too within a very short time span.

To be continued…

Flee from negative people!


Last day, I was going through my mails and found this ‘emotion filled’ email from one of my long-term Facebook ‘friend’. I was in touch with him throughout my Facebooking phase, and was always in absolutely good terms. But unfortunately, he has this nastiest nature of being so badly abusive whenever he gets angry. It’s purely unintentional and I know that very well, the reason why I make sure to keep my lips sealed from uttering anything or replying to his rants or leave the conversation and go, whenever the molten lava of his anger and harshness starts overflowing in the form of rude and offensive words. Most of the times, he becomes fine within an hour or so, and will back to me saying a million sorry and begging pardon.

But this happened so badly about a day or two before I deleted my Facebook account, and predictably, he gave vent to his anger on me for no reason of my own. As-usual I ignored it and soon deleted my account, as I had been planned to do that since last month. Now, after a few days, as anticipated, he has forgotten the entire abusive incident, and wants me back on Facebook, to which I said a big blatant NO. I have never intended to pick up a fight with him, and will never do that either, as I know that it would only do harm to my mind, and kill my precious time, but yes, being away from his negative and harsh words, has done a lot for me, as I no more hear his rebukes for no reason. Now that the entire medium of quick contact is completely cut off, I am happy about being less connected with him. Although I don’t have any kind of hatred in mind, and still consider him as one of my closest friends, I don’t want to give him a free passage to reach me and get back to his usual way of shout and howl, whenever he is pissed off.

A bitchy colleague, a trespassing hostel-mate, an annoying bus-mate, I have always ranted about every other species of irritants who nagged and bothered me to death at some point or the other in my life. Yes, they had been nasty to me, and occasionally I have also been equally harsh in replying, as I’ve sometimes fallen prey to impulsive behaviour and have given those ‘befitting’ replies with the very false belief that they would soothe my soul and make me feel at ease after a terrible session of annoyance. But I think I am well past all those spur-of-the-moment behaviours that I’ve had till now. I want to tell you why I am saying this. As I said, I have always had the irresistible urge to reply, whenever I was annoyed of someone. But I have stopped doing that now, and to be frank, I just walk away and perhaps indulge in a hearty laugh wondering at their foolishness. It’s actually doing a lot for my body and mind, by drifting away the impending negativity and replacing it with a bunch of positivity and ease that makes me feel lighter and happier. I am not sure if this ‘tried and tested’ trick works for everyone, but it really works wonders for me, and chases off most of the negativities that lurk around me. It’s never a mammoth task, as all that you have to do is to free yourself from such ambience and people, or have the strong mind to ignore them. Its impulsiveness that often results in discourteous deeds and bad temperament, and all that you need to do is to avoid being impulsive.

I am not saying that I’ve become silent, docile, and submissive, but I just save myself from falling in to the pressure of impulsiveness. I drive myself away from spontaneous words and deeds, and make sure they are miles away from me. It works! It really works as you don’t need to put any huge effort deliberately, but just be cool and move away when you feel that you’re about to bump on to something that may spill negative vibes all around you, and increase your discomfort, or trigger uncontrollable anger.

Anger is humane, and so is impulsive shouting and bitching, but why give ears to them when you’re always free to leave the place, thus saving your mind from becoming a spectator of someone else’s irrational wrath? What matters more is the happiness and peace of your mind, and not giving someone a channel to pour out their frustration and anger. Just flee and save yourself! You needn’t worry about not being a good listener as such conversations, as far as I feel, are absolutely not worth listening, as it will only increase the heaviness and sadness of your mind.