On The Road to Eating Healthy

So it’s been a week since I am on ‘rice-free’ lunch! I know it’s never a big deal, but for me it actually is, as I am not used to skipping my heavy scrumptious meals that mostly contain a huge amount of rice and equal amount of curries. Whether it’s at home or in the hostel, a lunch devoid of rice is something I could never ever imagine, even in my wildest dreams, and would not have never tried doing that if I have a pretty reasonable sized tummy and a balanced weight. But sadly I don’t have both of them right at the moment, and my only resort to get back to shape is to cut down the amount of rice that I have each day.

So, to start with, I decided to avoid rice filled lunch for a week ans I wanted to see how it works. I had fruits for lunch this entire week, and to my surprise I tried defeating my noon-time hunger by just having fruits alone for lunch. I was never confident that I would be able suppress my mid-day hunger pangs with just fruits alone. It’s because my crazy fondness for rice and spicy curries that I could never avoid from my lunch menu.


Right from the day I remember, lunch was something I’ve never compromised on. I could never think anything lighter like chappathi or any other low-calorie food in place of rice, as I always needed a whole lots of things for mealtime, literally a plateful. Curries, pickles, pappadams, and rice, I needed them all to that very stomach full level from where I would have no option other than voluntarily get up and leave.

Lunches and dinners used to be that heavy and calorie filled throughout the years, and I hardly paid any attention to the amount of food that I was filling in to my body. No matter how many times my dad tried to make me understand the possible aftermaths of having stomach-full every time, and that too with high calorie filled foodstuffs, I kept brushing them off, because, to my extreme happiness, I never used to put on huge amount weight, no matter whatever I ate, and I considered it as a very generous advantage to have more rice and curries as per the instructions of my ever dominating taste-buds.

But things turned topsy-turvy about two years back, when I suddenly started putting on a huge amount of weighty, and that too within a very short time span.

To be continued…


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