Healthy eating is never easy

I’m not sure what made me gain weight in a short timespan, but I must agree that I had become so plump by the mid of this year that everyone, both at my home and in the office, couldn’t actually stop wondering how I gained so much weight ‘in the blink of an eye’. With everyone’s overgrowing concern and some hurting comments that kept pouring in every now and then, poking fun at my sudden weight-gain, I couldn’t help but keep a close check on my body as well as the things that eat.  I am definitely not a glutton, and was never one, at any point of my life. So I was really curious to know the reason why I am getting fleshy and too big for my clothes. Although I didn’t have any major health problems that could have augmented my weight gain, I decided to ‘cut down’ a few things that might have become the major reasons behind my sudden weight gain.

Blame my love for junk foods, the whole task was not at all easy. I wanted to start-off in a very simple way, but the sudden dieting plan took a huge toll on my body for awhile in the beginning. From junk food to samsoa chats, I had do cut down everything that belonged to the junk food category, and the second part of my goal was to reduce the quantity of rice that I had been having till then.

I knew very well that the whole amount of calories that have accumulated in my body would never burn-out overnight.  I wanted it to go slowly yet steadily, the reason why I leaned a few exercises from one of my hostel mates who is an avid fitness freak and never skips her gym sessions, no matter how ill or busy she is. So, with some easy to do exercises and some basic diet changes I started off my journey to becoming healthy. But I have to admit something here! No matter how serious you are about your diet, your craving would suddenly arise from nowhere many times each day, and I was no different. Sometimes cravings became too high that I couldn’t stop bursting in to tears. But I forcefully stopped myself from becoming vulnerable all the time, but definitely cheated on my diet plans in between or very rarely, and I don’t really regret for that, as I felt I had to be rightly rewarded for the pains that I am taking to get back to shape, and become healthy. By healthy, I don’t want to say that I was unhealthier before, and had a bunch of bodily issues. But I wanted a physically fit body devoid of unnecessary fat deposits.

Snacks time was the favorite part of my day, and I’ve always wanted something heavy, like a plate of chat, a  vegetable roll or burger, along with tea. I had been so used to having all those delectable rolls and burgers that initially I was finding it so hard to stop that addiction. I knew it was hard for me to stop my evening snacks, but wanted to eat something good, and hence started having 2 dry chappathis or appams with a mix of vegetables. It was totally unappetizing and tasteless. But I had no other option left. Slowly I started getting used to my new set of snacks, which sometimes included fruits and arrowroot biscuits as well, instead of chappathis and appams.

ChickpeaAndVegCurryTo be continued…


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