Learning how not to let food control me

Dieting was never my forte, it was never on the cards at any point of my life, the reason why it was hard to kick-off my food-control challenge. Blame my huge liking to some of those tantalizing spicy foodstuffs that I could never afford to miss for the entire world, it was more than hard to think about living on fruits and lesser quantity of food,  with practically very little oil and spices. But being on a stage where I hardly had any options on my arsenal, to shed those extra pounds on my body, I took to dieting for the first time,  almost like a challenge to myself, and have managed to walk through the initial stage of difficulties and cravings, without cheating much on my plans. As I ride successfully towards the next level, I can proudly say that I have bid goodbye to almost every junk food that had taken prominent places on my daily food chart. After giving me a few days of uncontrollable hunger and insuppressible urge to have those indefinably lip-smacking foodstuffs that I had always loved, my taste-buds had to finally give-up the battle, making me feel better with my newly adopted eating regime.

Although I hate living on such strict diet, I do have something to admit, and that’s nothing but the happiness on seeing my shrinking stomach that has lost oodles of fat, plus the amount of ease that I feel inside my tummy. After lessening the quantity heavy meals and leaving away my fast-food mania, I feel as if my entire stomach has undergone that much needed rejuvenation. It’s a kind of relaxing feeling, almost like soothing cold breeze after  days of scorching and dreadful hotness. I must confess that I have never had this satisfaction in my entire life. The bloat or pot-belly that I was extremely upset about has shrunk to a noticeable level, and so did the extra fat deposits that blew me up. I know very well that one month is hardly any time to judge about my bodily changes, but I can definitely say that I do notice myself on daily basis, and feel extremely good about even the slightest amount of change.

Being someone who has been traversing through the difficult journey from ‘fat to fit’, I can definitely say that the road is not easy, but it’s not too hard either. All that you require is the determination that can make you do even the toughest dieting step with a pleasant smile. Giving up my spicier meals and living on lighter and tasteless food was never on my to-do lists, and I had never dreamt of sacrificing my favourite foodstuffs someday, but had to do it willingly, as I never wanted to compromise on my health. By health, I don’t mean my looks, but my fitness and overall energy. After living on a whole lot of fast-food and other kind of ready-meals and snacks, I had actually gone way ahead from being healthy, and was on the verge to getting severe medical problems which could have affected my health permanently. As I said I had never grown extra huge, but had overlooked so many of bodily changes, considering it with lesser importance. But thankfully, I was stopped at the right time, mainly due to the wise intervention of my dad, who helped me grab hold of a chance to rethink about my eating spree. I should also mention the amount of hurtful comments that were made about my weight issues. I definitely do not want to create bad blood and don’t want to carry any kind of bad feelings for those superficially ‘over concerned’ pals of mine. Although they had meant to poke fun at me, their comments turned out to be blessings in disguise, and helped me start my good eating regimen, right from the scratch.

I don’t know how my eating habits would be in the coming months, but I am completely sure about one thing, and that’s my steady decision about not going to back to the way of eating that I carried throughout these years. I would never do that anymore, and put my body at risk. But I do ease my dieting routine in-between, and reward myself with a limited quantity of any one of those foodstuffs that had been on my day-today list sometime back.

To conclude with, I have just one message to say; eat healthy, eat right! Because, it’s for your health and not for your looks! Looks can always take the backseat, but the impending health risks would never give you a visible warning before attacking your health. So better eat healthy and stay fit!


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