Some facts about New Year resolutions


A day ahead of another year and the question is back again! Everyone around me is keen to know the New Year resolution of others, and I cannot but laugh over this  little strange and rather amusing curiosity that people tend to have during New Year eve. For me, a resolution or a promise to oneself, no matter whether it’s big or small, has to be kept without compromise, under both worst and best circumstances, and by far, I have hardly met anyone who adheres to the promises or resolutions made before New Year. If this is what the next year too has to witness, I find it ludicrous to see the growing hullaballoo on New Year resolutions.

To be frank, a change for better or a promise to change oneself, I think, needn’t wait till the beginning of another year, and if one genuinely wants to get it done, any day and any moment can help trigger a fresh start. But I believe that many people who boast of New Year resolutions hardly want to keep-up their promises, and are rather keener on creating snooty showiness in a group, thus forcefully demanding praise and appreciation from people around, thus unknowingly making themselves a fool of others. This is not a generalization or a prejudiced inference, and I completely agree with the fact that there can be a few people around, who are very much genuine in their resolutions and decisions, but, a major share of people who brag about their New Year resolutions hardly do justice to them.

So what exactly is a perfect or possible New Year resolution? If you ask me, I would say that it has hardly anything to do with the abrupt changes that you would want in your life or personality, Believe it or not, neither our body nor our mind can take-in any abrupt changes, no matter whether it’s for good or bad. Therefore there is no rational reason to brag about or be persistent on implementing a hard to practice promise, when we ourselves are well aware of the extent to which the so called promise can be kept. In short, instead of taking a sudden and drastic deviation one has to take slower and steadier turns that are practically possible, and thus reach the set goal. Whatever the set New Year resolutions or promises are, possibilities of leaving it half the way are many, and for that reason, one can only take slower routes to get close to the goal, and achieve it hands down. Say for example, if a man who has been a chain-smoker or a drunkard decides to abruptly leave his smoking or drinking habit from the first of January, the chances of making it happen are almost equal to nil, as we all know that vices never leave us one fine day, and will continue to cling on until and unless our body and mind are firmly determined to drive them away. I’ve heard many such bragging and have laughed my lungs off as I very well knew that those blown up resolutions would hardly live till the end of first quarter of the year. As I said before, there would be a handful of people who do have such rock-solid determination, and may perhaps achieve what they have planned for, but there is this vast majority who lacks the willpower to stick-on to what they have decided, thus pathetically going back to their earlier state within a month or two, thus ‘strangling’ their own resolution to death without any embarrassment.

So why exactly are people boasting about New Year resolutions is something that I’ve never figured out yet. If it’s a short-term promise that they would soon fail to keep, New Year resolutions are nothing but eyewash that people intentionally swank shamelessly, only to seek attention of their peers. As I am completely against such snooty and foolish gimmicks to hog the limelight, as always, I continue to stay away from such meaningless conversations, and always end up being the butt of ridicule, for not having any eye-popping resolution to boast about. As they, be it my friends or colleagues, move-on with their intense discussions on New Year resolutions, I walk away and laugh in the heart of hearts, as know very well than hardly any of those promises will remain kept at least until the mid of the year.


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