Ambition vs. Practicality


Writing was the profession, the ambition, and the passion that I have always carried, right from my childhood, and was the sole reason why I joined for Journalism PG Diploma, much to the disapproval and dismay of my entire family, since they wanted me to do a B.Ed in English and become a teacher, which according to them is the most befitting profession that a woman can have. I was never in disagreement with the idea of becoming a teacher, and still believe that it’s a truly noble profession. But I did not want to pursue that for a lifetime, as the idea of remaining chained in the very limited encircle of a school campus almost scared me to death. I wanted to explore the world so badly, and do something very ‘different’ and innovative, which ultimately brings-in the joy, happiness, and contentment that I wanted.

Although I worked as a teacher for a few years, I soon embraced my passion back, and became a Content Writer. Though my Journalism course had opened up a pretty good number of much prospective career possibilities in both visual and print media, I chose none, thus giving my friends a shock of their lifetime. They called me a loser and a blockhead who couldn’t take advantage of the ‘golden’ opportunities that came to me. While they went on to become some of the much famous journos in the state, I entered the I.T industry that hardly has any elements of excitement and fame to lure me. Unlike my former classmates who became the inevitable parts of the media fraternity of the state, my I.T job never made me famous, but instead helped me get a financial grounding that I had never dreamed about. The happiness of becoming a helping hand to my ageing parents was what I took as the first and foremost priority, and the media houses that interviewed me couldn’t offer what it takes to live a pretty decent life, especially when the cost of living continue to skyrocket each day. My zeal and vigour to become a much celebrated journo was thus overpowered by the need to have stable, secure, and independent life that I desperately wanted to have. This indispensable reason almost wiped away all the possible thoughts further job hunt in the media , as I knew very well from my experiences that no matter how good I try to present my skills, they are sure to underestimate and underpay the newbies like me, and make us slog to death day in and day out.

One among the well known journalists of the state, whom I met during a job interview, gave me the shock of my life, saying that if I take up the job of a journo, I can be subjected to the worst of humiliations ever heard, and would even have to keep myself literally on tip toe all day long ,and get nothing other than fireballs of mockery and humiliation from the seniors. His concluding statement was the worst of all, as it said that I will have to forget my self-identity and prepare myself to get subdued and trampled for years long, until I get a senior position.  I never wanted to experience all that and I never wanted to be underpaid as well, the reasons why I chose to shred my journo dreams and think practically. I don’t know whether I have done justice to me and my passion, but can definitely say that I continue to live life well with self identity, and at the same time slog much less than my peers in media, who hardly get a holiday to sleep their asses off.

When my friends continue to give adrenaline pumping news reports and presentations on television, practically each day, I am a behind the scene person, and work for clients across the globe with the very clear knowledge that none of the works will have my name etched on it. I am not disappointed or upset about the decision that I took, and nor am I envious about my peers who have established themselves as some of the well known people in media.  I believe that this is what I am destined for, and I am very much contented with my career.  I know that I haven’t accomplished the goal that I had set for myself, and couldn’t get hold of the career that I had dreamed about.   But I never look back and regret for what has not happened, and definitely not with the career choice of mine. I chose writing, and  I do that now, even though it lacks the thrill and fame that I might have had if I was a media professional.  But when it comes to getting oneself a stable, stress free, and well-paid livelihood, certain ambitions will be  forced to take the backseat of life, because, life lived practically and realistically is more important than sacrificing it for the the fulfillment of an ambition.


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