Unethical, unprofessional and pitiable

With all the imperfections that we are born with, many of us forget to spare time for a second thought before jumping in and blurting out our judgement about someone whom we haven’t even met. This is very evident in the endless number of news channels that serve us with supposedly news stories of supreme relevance. A nation with an array of endless visual and print media, we’re never short of newsworthy incidents that should be brought to light and should be made evident before our multicultural and multilingual society. Yet, both the big names and start-ups in media never bother to pan their eyes and camera on such issues of social relevance, instead run desperate for bytes that never fail to splash enormous deadly venom on the personal and familial life of people unknown to most of them, be it commoners, celebrities, politicians, or sports personnel. This is nothing but a pitiful degradation of the much revered media ethics that our country upholds, and this constant dwindling, tagged along with the grave fall of basic decency was seen much evident when our media firmly fixed their ‘hawk like’ eyes on the death of a socialite who unfortunately had some momentary tiff with her writer husband a few days before her death. Her death and subsequent events were blow too much out of proportion that I even saw some wacky journos barging in to her house, breaking all the tight security, just to get the ‘glimpse’ of her mortal remains. Isn’t that pitiful and downright berserk? The entire news channels continue to flash her home and the grieving family members, shamelessly intruding their privacy even when she was laid to a peaceful rest. I couldn’t help but wonder why these much celebrated news channels and self-confessed big-time journos do lack the basic decorum to have some compassion towards the family of the deceased, no matter rich or poor, and leave them to peacefully mourn the passing of their dear one.

Poking their camera and mikes in to every wanted and unwanted situation, devoid of looking at it from a humanitarian and ethical perspective, has now become the part and parcel of media, and this is too shameful and contemptible. Yet, there are no strict laws to curb this much offensive media intrusions and unwanted advances to document things that are often too personal to reveal, and sometimes despicable exaggerations that are meant only to boost their TRPs. Having said that, we should never ignore the number of relevant issues that media tend to ignore, just to fill in the space with filthy gossips and meaningless news stories. Moreover, if someone is keen on washing their dirty laundry in public, our media never fails to reach out and get ample potion of the filth that’s being vomited there. To put it shortly, they go around digging everyone’s life, blow-up everything that they get to see and hear unproportionately , make a mountain out of a mole hill and earn heaps of money from selling the personal lives of other people.

An actor who gets injured during a shoot becomes more newsworthy than a woman who gets brutally gang raped in public, the bikini clad picture of a fading actress is reported with prominence while a woman continues to go on hunger strike for years together to safeguard the womenfolk in their state, sadly this is what are forced to call journalism nowadays. Some molestations do get reported to their desks, but sadly, they continue ‘molest’ such women with their uncouth words and kill their self-respect with unending news room discussions on all the possibilities of how the girl was raped.

This sickening and nauseating downfall of media culture that we live in is only going on getting worse in the coming days, as most of the media houses have shockingly fixed their eyes only on those ‘ticklish’ news stories that are served with a pinch of eroticism and spice, to get hold of the innate human weakness to fall for quintessential juicy, spicy stories of no value. As the channels and newspapers are the only means to get our share of knowledge about what’s happening around, and we’re forced to live with the filth that comes along, these media moguls will continue to earn much more selling more and more worthless and downright despicable news stories.


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