As we celebrate yet another ‘commercialized’ Women’s Day

Another Woman’s Day went by, and thankfully with lesser number of flimflam and hullabaloos that I’ve been hearing for many years, ever since I got to know what this much talked about day is all about. Every year, our calendar overflows with umpteen occasions to celebrate; and while many of these special days are about eating, drinking, and making merry, it’s not the same with Women’s day, especially when we live in a society where women are compelled to feel that there’s nothing to be happy about being women who are forced to live amid men who are no less than hooligans, ready to pounce on any woman they get to see.

As the year continues to roll out, unfolding the never-ending cruelties against women and kids across the world, all that we do on Women’s Day is exchange useless text messages or sit around and futilely debate about attacks against women and children, only to forget them all by the end of the day, while at the same time as many as hundreds of gruesome rapes and other atrocities continue to happen at every part of our country, thus repeatedly resonating that no matter however we progress, women can never have a peaceful and happy life anywhere in this country.

All the verbal vomit and emotional hype that we manage to act out during every one of those much exaggerated Woman’s Day discussion become the part of yet another bygone day, as we continue to get back to our lives again, leaving away all those discussions and decisions to work for women’s freedom and safety. So why exactly do we have a Woman’s Day and what precisely is the purpose of this day? I believe it’s high time to wake up to reality and face the cold hard truth, which is the unchanged situation and the unprogressive mentalities of many people out there, who still pose serious threats that make women empowerment far from being possible. I was at home during this weekend, and happened to watch a few Women’s Day programs and discussions, not because I feel they are genuinely worth the time I spend, but for lack of any other options left. All that I could hear throughout was shit load of immature sounding and fame hungry talks of women who repeatedly added the words ‘women empowerment’ at every point of discussion, without even having an idea of what they mean to say. The discussions kept going-on and so did the reiteration of the words ‘women empowerment’, but no one could clearly put out their thoughts on what can be done to make the worsening situations better, and make our country a better and safer place for women, in all respects. As the discussions drew to a close, I couldn’t remember even one worth mentioning point from the entire meaningless verbal juggleries that happened throughout the entire one hour.

This is exactly what happens on every Women’s Day, and will continue to happen for endless number of years, as long as we don’t take pains to delve deeper in to the problems that women face in today’s society, and find long-term solutions to deal with them effectively. But sadly, nowadays, Women’s Day is just confined to the media discussions and exaggerated seminars that make a mockery of the whole concept. We do all the talking from dawn to dusk wait for the next year to next year to continue exhibiting our oratory skills on topics about women empowerment, catchy enough to amass a good number of audience from everywhere. Doing the whole lot of talking, and not taking even the smallest step to making them all happen is a sheer ridicule and insult to the cause for which we talk about. In the desperate to portray themselves as die-heart ‘feminists’, many of our self-confessed women activists do nothing but focus on self-marketing and money mining in the pretext of Women’s Day celebrations and seminars.

Women are not in need of a day to celebrate her, but need the strongest support to save her from being abused, humiliated, and attacked. What she needs is not the thunderous applaud of a group of hypocrites in a media discussion or a seminar, snootily sitting around a table, discussing things that they have no idea about. On the contrary, she needs honest efforts that can to help her live with self-respect, integrity and satisfaction. When safety from acid attacks and gang rapes are far from reality, why make a ridicule of womanhood with all the supercilious doings on every Women’s Day, only to wait for a couple of hours to savor the morning news of yet another gang rape at some part of the country, to inhumanely discuss on a prime time news about the possible ways the woman could have been sexually abused, or to have yet another usual gossip session with a neighbor about the how the parents of the girl ‘failed’ to save their child from being raped.

It’s high time we rise and address the reality, or else Women’s Day will soon become as redundant as the other namesake ‘days’ that we hardly bother to remember.


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