Random thoughts of a Vegetarian

Tantalizing foodstuffs always fascinate me with its attractiveness and aroma but has never induced a craving for meat, the reason why I continue to bump on to the very same questions that most of my friends have been having since the day they bumped on to me – Why am I a vegetarian, in spite of having easy access to a whole lot of varieties of eateries with endless range of meat dishes or gastronomic surprises which are supposedly very appetizing and palatable. To put it shortly, they are yet to find out the possible reason why I don’t get fascinated or rather enticed by the much talked about scrumptiousness of non-veg cuisines that I get to see.

A very genuine inquisitiveness, but I have nothing else to say other than my dislike for meat eating, which although is a bit health related. As this topic continues to take its inevitable place in most of our very usual and casual conversations, I’ve always tried to decipher how one can be enticed to savor something, just based on hearsays or looks. I have many of my friends who try to ‘allure’ me to have a bite of meat delicacies, by seating me by their side and showing the ‘attractively’ coloured and perfectly blended meat cuisines with classic seasonings that spread their aroma all over the place, inviting those around to relish the well spiced and well served dish, and polish the plates off quickly. Although they are mostly fresh flavoured and well-cooked to perfectness, I really don’t get drawn to them, just because they belong to the category of foodstuffs that I never wanted in life. No matter how well they are cooked, garnished and adorned, I can never be blindfolded about the fact that they have the meat of a once living being.

I never lecture any of my meat-eating friends about the endless advantages of vegetarianism, but meat eaters have always reminded me of the horrifying pictures of cannibals, werewolves, and vampires that have almost terrified me to death in my childhood days. As they continue to bite and tear off the meat slices from their plate, I look at them carefully and plunge myself in to the hallucination of seeing two large Dracularian canines growing down from both the sides of their jaws, with hot blood drenching down from each one of them. I know it’s just a childish illusion, but still find it hard to look at my friends while they happily relish meat delicacies, as I can’t stop myself from imagining those scary and vampirish canines on their faces.


Although I am mostly shunned as an outcast for my vegetarianism, I care a damn about what others have to say about my eating habits. This in no way means that I try and make purposeful efforts to demonize the impacts of meat eating. Yet when I get to see people who follow both carnivore as well as omnivore diets, I cannot help but notice some very common behavioral patterns and visibly cantankerous reactions that are rare among vegans. So does that show a correlation between anger and meat eating?

As my friends continue to depict vegetarianism as a pitiable suffering, being a hard-core vegetarian, I can definitely say that I have an enviable eating regimen that’s far from pitiful. I am not delving in to the statistics of longevity or good health, but have always felt the visible reactions of a thankful stomach which is happy for not making it a sepulcher for animal meat in one form or the other. Though I hang out with friends occasionally and watch them savouring meat dishes with extreme delight, I don’t find them genuinely tempting and appetizing as their vegetarian counterparts, which are more inviting and flavorsome. But at the same time I can’t help but feel a vampirish panic when looking at my friends savouring bite sized meat pieces with immense joy. As they stare back at me in wonder and continue munching on the meat cuisines, I continue to gaze back at them with my curiosity, looking for the moment when I get to see those large canines growing down their jaws, with ever dripping blood.


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