A snack that you can’t say no to

Having a wholesome array of well garnished and delectable gastronomic varieties would undeniably be the most wonderful delights for both mind and stomach. But I must continue to keep reminding myself that I am supposedly on a weight watchers diet, and should never get tempted to gorge on foodstuffs that add more calories to my already expanding frame. Taking time off to treat my palate to delicious and calorie filled food stuffs has always tumbled my dieting plans but I never get over that addictive habit of falling for gorgeous looking and scrumptious foodstuffs. One such is the perfectly rounded and tastefully layered burgers; garnished with neatly cut vegetables and served with lip-smacking ranges of hot chilli and tomato sauces.

blogI got to taste this western fast-food after reaching my big city which is rich in both posh as well as street-side bakeries that serve a whole range of delectable snack selections – a feast both for the eyes and for the palate. The curvaceous, captivating and truly satiating burgers are neatly arranged and kept on noticeable spot, to invite the attention of every hungry customer who enters with much anticipation, looking for a quick bite, possibly a low-key decent snack which is not pricey.

To be frank, at the very first glance, burgers we not as appealing as I felt it would be. But slowly felt a strong tantalizing feeling deep inside my belly that lured me to munch-on one of those appetite inducing uber-popular snack, beautifully stacked spicy patties and attractive slices of cucumber onion, and tomato. There was no craving at first, but a few bites did make me love the tangy flavours and seasonings as well as the satisfying taste of vegetables. Within no time I found myself falling for that curvy newfound snack which was unquestionably wholesome and tasty beyond words.

I was served a flavour-packed Indian version, a fusion snack with rich, exotic, and mouth-watering flavour of savoury and spicy deep friend veg patty wrapped in two soft buns, and served with tomato sauce. As I was unaware of the original taste of a burger, my first burger experience awesomely suited my very Indian palate.

bloggA dense and filling fast food variant that I cannot easily find in bakeries back in my home town, burgers served in my big city are invitingly addictive, and incomparably delectable. Every other chef or restaurateur here are experts in making burgers, be it in the very classical way or custom-made to suit our palate.

Although I am far from being completely obsessed with this wonderfully layered eatable in multifarious varieties, the fixation for well grilled burgers are quite common among both the young and old around me. Burgers are no more side-lined as the quintessential American food, but considered very much a part of Indian gastronomic varieties. A widely chosen staple snack choice, burgers are always uniquely tasty, the reason why most of us continue to embrace this veritable king of all snacks available these days.

blogggThose who are keen on finding the Indian version can perhaps look for a vada pav vendor who can serve you a spicy Indian Burger or the Vada Pav, teamed with tangy chutneys. Round deep fried potato balls are sandwiched between two pavs or buns smeared with garlic, chutney, and butter, making it one of the most liked fast food varieties in India, truly exceptional and remarkably tasty. Try it out soon and you will thank your stars for this delectable and addictive Indian version of burgers.


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