Let your actions do the talking


When it comes to waiting for my turn in a long queue, I am not as patient as I should be, the reason why I always make it a point to do things on-time, and if possible a little in-advance, so that I can avoid long and monotonous waits. I do this everywhere, every time, especially when it comes to paying the monthly hostel fees.

Today being the last day of the month, I was all set to pay the next month’s fees, and reached the office room on time. Our warden was on a serious talk with one of the inmates of the old age home, and I was made to wait for about a minute or two, while the old woman paid her fees and had a usual chitchat before leaving. As she was about to leave, after sharing her share of unsolicited advices of which I heard the last part alone, I went inside to pay my fees. It was then that our warden told me about the heated debate that went on until I entered as the much unforeseen interrupt, for which our warden couldn’t thank anymore.

The topic of the debate was the fundraising program to help a cancer patient get his daughter married off. With a few steps more to embrace death, he is almost bedridden, and is desperately hoping to see his daughter’s marriage. Our hostel committee agreed to raise a part of the money required, and wanted the generous ones among us to contribute a little share each. Being the member of a rich and affluent family, she did have ample money to help that poor man, but sadly and shockingly showed her pitiable stinginess by giving just a meager amount, along with a whole lot of reasoning to desperately justify herself. Those who were well aware of the amount of money that she continues to squander each day couldn’t hide their shock to see her arguing fiercely for not contributing generously for a genuine cause.

I don’t intent to blame the old woman, but believe that she could have been a bit more generous. But sadly, other than selfless willingness, no persuasion in this world can make a person donate for a good cause. While people are keen only on futile talks on charity, their noble sounding words would quickly turn into plaintive pleas if they are asked to put them in to practice! What a pitiable revelation of double standards! A charity that doesn’t break the bank is always possible, but all that it takes it takes is a generous mind-set and the willingness to help the needy.

It’s high time to shun our hypocrisy of limiting charity to just verbal juggleries alone. We have to either stop all the talking and remain aloof from helping the needy, or match up to our words and lend a helping hand when required. I’ve seen the old woman willingly participating in many of the events in our hostel, and impressing the audience with her long speeches on helping the poor and needy. But the actuality turned out tad different from all the talking that she did so far.

With all these said, you would have an obvious question in mind – Whether I gave my share of contribution or not? Yes, I did. Although I am not as rich as the old woman, and has been in a deep financial instability, I did give a share without any futile talking, because I believe that my action should speak louder than my words.


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