Fame (or infamy) in 140 Characters


Fame is addictive, fame is contagious, and so is the reason why people are keener than before to get hold of it by hook or crook. The newest and perhaps most talked about platform where one gets heightened to fame overnight, for the good or the bad, Twitter, often turns out to be an unfettered podium for public spats . Taking potshots at anyone and everyone on Twitter has now become quite common among both celebrities and commoners and am yet to decipher the reason why people willingly ridicule others so openly on the web, only to put their feet in their mouths later and get themselves ridiculed at the end. Although I am used to seeing the day today bickering on Twitter, occasionally limiting to a few posts and most of the times extending to explosive rows, they are turning out downright trashy and nauseatingly offensive nowadays.

With people arguing it out left, right and centre, more and more people find it amusing to snoop on Twitter than actually tweet their thoughts. When the rich and the famed indulge in such ugly spats, the media leaves no stones unturned to expose, bisect, and comment on each of the 140 character posts that trigger some much heated arguments. But when a commoner openly confronts on Twitter, thankfully the messages are limited to a few, yet remain open to be read by anyone and everyone online. Such famous and less-famous rants got me to thinking why people are so keen and desperate to wash the dirty linen in public and make a mockery of themselves before the world. Here is the most recent one among such high-profile rants that have hit the headlines. Among the two, one is riding high on his new-found success while the other is a self-proclaimed superstar, but sadly both showed their true colors with their verbal fight on world’s most widely used social networking sites, Twitter. What amused me more was not their choice of words, but their much shocking audacity to turn to Twitter to give vent to their ego. With thousands and ten thousands who constantly follow their tawdry musings, and lakhs of other subscribers who are free to read their vicious and enraged commenting on each other, I cannot help but think about the reason why these self-proclaimed stars are hell-bent on garnering the wrong publicity on Twitter, by constantly ranting on trivial stuffs. This is the newest trend among both young and old, both rich and the not so rich, who unwittingly yearn for shortcuts to skyrocket to meteoric fame in one way or the other.

Online of offline, a constructive criticism or an honest message goes a long way and t fruitful turns out to be a fruitful effort to pointing out things that one would otherwise fail to accept wholeheartedly. But the world is now overcrowded with bunches of annoying social media screamers who conveniently cross the line of decency and decorum as and when they wish, with poor choice of words, screaming at the top of their lungs like ravenous hyenas. Twitter is no impromptu situation where you can slip in to trouble due to lack of time to give a pre-arranged message. Yet many lack the basic civility, and spark a great deal of unwanted controversy, just for immediate fame. Make a big deal out of nothing is never a shortcut to overnight fame, nor is it a remedy to combat the any of the nasty things that being said online. It will only confound and irritate others.

Publicity, good or bad would nurture and boost the ego of a few, and boost their journey to fame, but they all must do our society a favour by weighing their words by being more cautious before posting more impromptu and derogatory posts and speeches. Social media, no matter Twitter or Facebook, gives incendiary words more longevity and reach, sparking heated online sparring in no time, along with courting endless troubles and real world consequences, both legal and personal. Giving your words a second thought and a very careful consideration will actually do more good than lamenting about how your words would take you to raging controversies and foulmouthed attacks, thus hurting you and many others.


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