A delectable day

Getting a ‘tantalizing’ surprise on a glum day is unexplainably amazing, and I was blessed by one such sweet gesture from one of my colleagues today. Unlike a normal working day, I was in no mood to wake up to the refreshing sunshine in the morning, but had to drag me out of the bed and kick-start the day as I was bound by several commitments that I was obliged to. At times commitments and obligations are too strong to rule our thoughts and emotions that we almost feel desperately tongue-tied and deprived of the liberty to squeeze ourselves out of that ‘must-carry’ encumbrance. When it comes to dealing with workplace worries, the otherwise ostensibly optimistic me always sink in to deeper and darker gloom, and today was no different.

Though half-hearted about the idea of heading towards the workplace, I was quick to get ready and reached the mess hall for the regular breakfast, or we call it so, and believe it to be most scrumptious feast so no matter whatever we’re severed, cooked or half cooked. The dishes often taste so weird and bland that none of us are now deprived of healthy taste buds that clearly differentiate the tastes of what we are served. But as we’re never free to be vocal about the unsavouriness of the food, in spite of paying a whooping rent each month, hostellers like us are mostly deprived of tasty food, forcing us to lookout for affordable foodstuffs available outside, only to end up getting infected with stomach problems most of the times. As I finished my breakfast and left the hostel, I had ample time to reach the office, but chose to turn up a bit early, so that I can save myself from the chocking rush during the peak traffic hours.

Like any other day, the office awaited me with empty seats and dark rooms, where my co-workers were yet to reach. Thankfully I had a copy of ‘Deception Point’ by Dan Brown to help me spend my time until I had to jumpstart the day’s work. As I was complete immersed in story of ‘Rachel Sexton’ and her impending ‘adventures’, I heard her calling me from behind. She, a junior colleague of mine, came to me with a bright smile and handed a beautiful container with mouth-watering paneer butter masala, the most delicious and aromatic dish that I always keep drooling over.

As I grabbed the container from her, I smiled from ear to ear, as if I was handed a piece of heaven. Being well aware of my love for paneer cuisines, she just smiled and went to her seat, while I carefully kept the priceless possession of mine, the container with the mouth-watering paneer cuisine, on my table, positioning it right in front of my eyes. Trust me on this, paneer butter masala is a true mood booster, and I always love savoring the tantalizing chunks of soft paneer, edibly cooked in cream and tomato sauce, and garnished luxuriously with unadulterated butter. It simply cheers me up, just like a happy kid! Serve me a teardrop sheet of oil-laced or ghee-glistening chapatti, porotta or naan to mop up the entire bowl of paneer butter masala, and let me confess shamelessly that I would literally be in seventh heaven.I was always free to indulge myself with ample paneer varieties, until I was forced to keep a check on my skyrocketing weight, which forcefully made me cut down the satiating paneer dishes from my diet.

While I continued my work, my heart was pounding and racing for the moment to savour the delectable delight – the most appetizing and luscious paneer dish that sat in front of me in the beautiful plastic container. The most majestic of all the cuisines I know, paneer butter masala is the right compliment of fragrant flavorsome Indian spices that suffuses our sense, along with wedges of pure butter that make it absolutely scrumptious and salivating.paneer

It came lunch time and I was getting uncontrollably hungry. Unlike other days when I continually ranted about being forced to have tasteless hostel food, my colleagues were quite surprised to see me gravitating to the terrace happily, hugging my lunch bag close to my chest, as if I feared someone would grab it soon and disappear. An enjoyable mealtime soon followed, and I relaxingly sat alone and polished-off the entire paneer butter masala satisfyingly, with utmost delight, enjoying every bit of succulent pieces of paneer. It was more than gratifying that I literally fell short of words to thank my colleague who made my day with such a kind gesture. As I went back to my seat, I was happy, completely free of the glum that surrounded me as I arrived. Sometimes savoring a favorite dish is all that it takes to emerge out of your sadness, solitude and desperation. Today it worked wonders for me, and tomorrow it can do the same for you as well.

Thanks dear friend! You made my day!


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