A fascinating learning experience

Finance & market news or Unexciting world of lackluster information; yes I did believe so until I started watching CNBC TV 18. Here is how it happened: At the outset, I have a confession to make. I absolutely hated the super-sized, super pompous worlds of finance, markets, stocks, and so on, as they always involved complex calculations, larger-than-life figures, and several intense jargons that were extremely difficult to understand. With hardly any intriguing information to offer, they never enticed my brain with promising content of any sort. Hence, in spite of carrying an unquenchable thirst for information of all sorts, I had zero inclination towards subjects like finance and stock market, as I always found them dry, interesting, and unimpressive.

While the market aficionados around me kept going gaga over inflation, GDP, stock markets, mind-numbing statistical data, and monotonous calculations, I decisively stayed away from such intense conversations, as I knew I would hardly have anything substantiate to contribute. Moreover, the scare of getting mocked for blurting out blunders turned out to be the biggest fear that sealed my lips and closed my mind. I hardly knew anything, and the fear of revealing my humongous ignorance kept perturbing me from seeking any aid to gain awareness on markets and finance.

The business news pages of our newspaper often became the wrappers of my lunch box, as I never read them, and always found the content as strange as Greek or Latin. Blame my lack of interest or an undecipherable abhorrence, my willingness to learn basics of markets and finance always took to the wrong deviations and never found the destination even once. In the relentless efforts to save myself from becoming the butt of jokes, I did try to learn the anomalous world of finance, but never succeeded in grasping the diverse intricacies of the subject. Irrespective of trying hard to deduce the complexities in the world of markets and investments, I couldn’t easily comprehend the high-flown language and intense jargons used by print or visual media. Simply put, I hardly had any options to improve my knowledge without the aid of business dictionaries that helped me get palatable market data in bite-sized morsels.

CNBC TV 18 – My one-stop-learning-center for all things finance & business



It was yet another languid weekend, and I was flipping through the channels to find my way out of uninteresting movies and annoying saas-bahu sagas. Unexpectedly, a smiling and refreshingly positive face flashed on my TV screen. I stopped by to watch her, almost at a lightning speed. Much to my surprise, I saw a young and dynamic woman presenting a highly interesting and though-provoking show that featured some of the best young entrepreneurs in the country.

Leaving away a plate of scrumptious snacks that my mother had brought for me, I sat on the floor of my room with my eyes firmly glued to the television. Thirty something minutes went by like a flash, but I watched the entire show without even blinking my eye once. Curtains soon rung down, and Young Turks, currently one of my favorite shows on CNBC-TV 18, bid adieu for the day by flashing the name of the anchor towards the end of show – Shereen Bhan. Having seen several men and women journalists who are sheer aggressiveness personified, Shereen came in like a breath of fresh air. Equally refreshing was the show that spoke about Indian businesses, and yet conveyed things in the utmost compelling ways. While it did debunk my misconception that business journalism is a male-dominated niche, it also added one more name to my list of favorite anchors – Shereen Bhan, one of the most vibrant and utmost professional journalists I’ve ever seen.

I was quick to search and find out more about the channel and their shows, and found a whole array of information on some really spectacular shows that I can watch to gain profound knowledge on finance and markets. Excitement grew manifolds and I had to thank my lucky stars for the fortuitous opportunity that helped me watch YoungTurks, the flagship show of CNBC TV 18, for the first time.

A whole new world of knowledge and learning opportunities!

With a series of information-filled, innovative, engaging, and refreshing programs, including, OverDrive, The Appointment, India Business Hour, Accelerate India, and Forbes India Show, CNBC-TV 18 soon became the part and parcel of my day-to-day life, and severed me with unfathomable amount of genuine and updated information on markets, finance, business, and stocks; the topics that I once believed were monotonous, jargon-filled, and needless.

Instead of simply restating the happenings, the shows and news broadcasts on CNBC-TV 18 always showcase newer and impactful perspectives with truly global brilliance, while giving many fruits for thought. No consternating political discussions that lead to fierce arguments & no disreputable juicy gossips on celebrities, instead, you are free to cherry-pick some of the best shows on market, finance, and economy. Equally commendable is their efforts to incorporate active involvement from the audience, with the help of effective social media interactions. Simply put, in spite of offering hard-core business and market news stories, they make people pay attention, think, and understand them without difficulty. A team of exceptionally brilliant journalists, unbiased and intelligent coverage of news, outstanding efforts to present them in exceptionally interesting and remarkable ways, are their hallmark, and the reasons that make them stand apart.

It took hardly any time for me to become an ardent viewer of CNBC-TV 18, as I never wanted to miss any of the shows that helped me learn more on the intriguing worlds of business and finance. While most of my friends excitingly watch evening soap operas each day, I wait for Shereen Bhan and Nayanthara Rai to arrive on Indian Business Hour and serve me generous portions of interesting news stories on the exciting happenings from the world of business and market. As the television in our hostel has always been the undisputed privilege and monopoly of the sizeable team of daily soap viewers, moneycontrol.com Live TV, is the only platform where I can uninterruptedly watch CNBC-TV 18, though I must admit that it is eating into my data allowance each month, thus giving me insanely high internet bills. However, given the amount of valuable information that I get to know each day, I regret little about the humongous internet bills.

It’s been more than a year since I have started watching CNBC-TV 18, and let me admit frankly, I’ve improved way far from the hardly ignorant to becoming the reasonably informed. Ask me about bulls, bears, inflation, growth rate, bank rates, or anything that pertains to market or finances, and I can confidently deliver the reply in no time. Gone are the days when I never had to think twice to admit that finance and market news were the most un-fascinating and incomprehensible of all, depicted in utmost boring forms that one can ever find. CNBC-TV 18 and their knowledge packed shows transformed me to become immensely confident and well-informed on topics that I would never have learned in my entire lifetime.

Let me end this with by sharing an unanticipated surprise that I received last week. Quite unexpectedly, I was chosen as one among the lucky ones to represent the viewers and share feedback on a live show that was aired as a part of the 15th anniversary of CNBC-TV 18. As I my favourite host happily appreciated my opinions and interactions, my excitement knew no bounds, and I was literally on cloud nine.


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