The price and pain of betrayal

Online social networking is no more a buzzword. It has now become an integral part our social lives. Given the fact that nowadays we hardly enjoy the luxury to meet and hangout, these online platforms help interact with our dear ones each day. As social networking skyrockets to unmatchable heights of fame, dating websites too have been welcomed with open arms and hearts. However, the downside of this relationship finder erupts when harmless dating starts transforming into discreet encounters. An unremarkable by-product of dating, adultery and extramarital affair is no more a matter of hush-hush hedonism, and very often doesn’t get shrunk with guilt or shame. Shockingly, several marital relations are no more clung to the conventionality, but have pushed the contours of monogamy and rules of society. With the onset of infidelity websites that continue to mushroom frenetically, philandering is no more an outcome of unhappy marriages. This was proved beyond doubt with a catastrophic online attack that hit the headlines earlier this month, leaving no stones unturned to put the social lives and reputations of many at risk. Hackers successfully unearthed and publically dumped a huge cache of customer data from infamous infidelity website, thus making the world aware about the pietism of nearly 37 million adulterers who had been addicted to an ill-famed hook-up website that helped brazenly cheat on their partners. Adding to the disgust of knowing about this in-famed online platform was the shocking fact that millions of people face the risk of having their personal information shared online, for all the discreet or supposedly secret dallying encounters that they enjoyed for several months and years.


Apart from credit card details, hackers have leaked the identities of several account holders who unashamedly shared several nude images and gross sexual fantasies by clearly overlooking the vulnerabilities of internet. This major and embarrassing leak has raised a crucial question that we have to immediately ponder over: What amongst those galore of reasons make these people cheat on their partners? The sickening part of the entire fiasco is not the expertise of the hacker, but the nauseating philandering secrets of several millions people. Does that mean faithfulness in marriage has become a thing of the past? Irrespective of the strong and unwavering urge to believe that all is well with the world, the bitterness of reality keeps echoing the blatant fact that cheating in marriage is no more considered a taboo. If marriages are still considered as the rock-solid institutions that it used to be, the story of this most sought after cheating website has credible details of longstanding and shameless stories of adultery.

According to the website, far from the conventional myth that illicit hook-ups are limited to men folk alone, women too are willing to risk everything for momentary extramarital flings. As several millions of account holders who indulged in numerous discreet hook-ups and liaisons have been exposed before the world, the reasons that prompted them into falling for this ‘licentious’ betrayal is not limited to sex and physical intimacy. That said, an emotional reasons cannot be accounted as longstanding and sensible enough to cheat on partners who have been utmost loyal and loving. However, lack of commitment and shallowness in relationships can be the crux of cheating on partners. Precisely put, lack of mind-to-mind connection can lead to emotional infidelities which in turn escalate to physical closeness with that significant ‘other’.

For want for happiness and contentment, people are often tempted to flee momentarily and look for comfort and content in a significant ‘other person’, thus betraying their longstanding partners. But what these cheating spouses often forget is the fact that this parallel support too is momentary and terrible fallout keeps looming all the time, mainly due to lack of trust, faithfulness, and commitment. But a website that sells this naught adventure, with millions of authentic accounts, is the sure-fire sign of deteriorating moral standards of the society that we live in. A potentially damaged hacking has brought to light the horrific fact that cheating has now become a popular norm in today’s society, thus making us re-evaluate the institution of marriage.

Looking at the moral side of the entire hacking saga, such cheaters have to be exposed for their uncontrollable urge to hook up for momentary gratification; physical or emotional. As they were well aware of what they are getting themselves into, divulging their discrete affairs before the world is perhaps the most reasonable punishment that they can ever get. But here lies an ironic question that none of us avoid. Though the website prided itself on discretion, and always guaranteed to provide secure services, were the account holders downright foolish enough to believe that they can get-off scot-free without leaving any digital trail?

However, looking at the entire fiasco from the other side of the coin, no one deserves the nightmarish experience of having their personal details stolen. This includes the cheaters as well. While hackers believe that their efforts will expose millions of cheating douche bags who hoped for discretion and privacy, the amount of righteousness in their efforts can never balance with one’s fundamental rights.


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