Being contented

Contentment in life; despite being a frequently used idiom, the perspective of a gratified life varies. In other words, the meaning of a satisfied life is not the same for each one of us.  While some are keen on attaining gratification with what they have in hand, some others are insatiable, especially when it comes to material pleasures. They believe in finding contentment by chasing for more riches. Despite being significantly reasonable in their views, it’s undoubtedly true that those who attain real fulfillment are the ones who unearth happiness with what they have.

Ambition is a prized trait, while constant failure to enjoy what’s in hand will drive one crazy. At times, fulfilled with what’s around is termed apathetic. In other words, ambition and fulfillment in life are very often associated in the wrong manner. Unmitigated determination and perseverance to excel are obviously the right catalysts to succeed. However, as the crave runoffs the optimal level, it transforms into an ever-prevalent sense of strong disappointment and despair. Irrespective of having sizable achievements to boast of, such people hardly attain happiness in their life, and continue to wearily chase more worldly desires.

The thin and blurry line between ambition and achievement is to be blamed for this confusion and stumble that most people experience in their life.  Nurturing a strong desire to succeed, or harnessing one’s entire potential, can be regarded as the right steps towards triumphing over the odds.  However, this pursuit takes the wrong deviation when the resultant gain is less than what’s anticipated. Anticipation or the ever-mounting level of desires is too strong to shorten even the mightiest of the achievements, replacing the feeling of being victorious with a crippled sense of failure and dissatisfaction. In other words, the achievement gets garbed in the intense feeling of disappointment and gloom.

The best and most effective way to combat this negativity is to learn to be fully contented with what’s in hand; to be at peace with what has been achieved.  Such a strong and positive stance bridges the extremities between one’s ambitions and attainments in life, without weakening the motivation to strive for excellence against all the adversities. It also helps create the constructive sense of a well-lived life.

A large desire is never to be blamed as none of us are good at carrying diminutive wishes. That said, as the gap between the list of wishes and attainments widen, there grows a sense of losing out. This is the disconnection that’s to be taken care of, as it destroys the entire sense of contentment in life.  In other words, an overpowering sense of disappointment and apathy lessens the serenity of life.  A strong balance between both ambition and achievement is where fulfillment lies.  Being realistic in ambitions and desires is the best way to get out of the mismatch.  Aspirations grow appropriately when one carries a strong sense of strengths, limitations, and humaneness. This critical step is indispensable to unleash the power of contentment in life.


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