The ‘moral’ lens

blogWith innumerable innovations in medical technologies, we’re well past the age where gynecological diseases were a matter of immense concern and scare. No such diseases are undetectable these days, not even the ones that are spotted in fallopian tube, ovary, uterus, vagina, or vulva. However, despite the ground-breaking medical advancements, the age-old stigma around visiting a gynecologist still continue to linger around in our society, stopping several single and unwed women from receiving timely medical aids to diagnose grave health disorders such as gynecological cancer. While both leading hospitals and well-known clinics have expert gynecologists who can easily diagnose the causes and symptoms of commonly detected gynecological diseases, many single women refrain from getting the experts’ aid fearing the societal and moral repercussions associated with visiting a gynecologist. No matter how developed our country is, the sight of unmarried women at gynecologists’ office is often linked to sexual promiscuity and pregnancy. This much prevalent misconception very often cost the lives of many women who fail to leverage the potential lifesaving medical aids and expert advices that are currently available. Regardless of all the developments that we boast about, no efforts are taken to eradicate this ever-growing insularity and lack of knowledge. Though both married and unmarried women can suffer the same health problems, for fear of taunts and sneers, the latter fails to get timely treatments and medical care. This preconceived notion is evidently prevalent among all among all societal sectors, the reason why several single women choose to close the eyes to the initial signs of many gynecological disorders that can turn out fatal later on.

Furthermore, facing the moral judgments that drip down from the disgusting questions or the repugnant lecture on ‘morality’ is no less than an embarrassing ordeal. Fear of such humiliating experiences makes women take a step back and unknowingly invite more health woes. At times, medics too are no different from taunting, lecturing on conventional morality, or denying medical support for single or unmarried women. While getting clarity on medical and sexual related issues are crucial to avoid misdiagnosis, problems arise when medical examination gets side-tracked to morality lessons and shaming of patients. It’s high time to support single and unmarried women open up and share their concerns around gynecological health, the diagnosis of which should never be hindered by the bigoted comments on promiscuity and morality. In simple terms, both the judgmental society and the bigoted medics out there should apprehend the fact that pregnancy and sexual illnesses are not the only reasons why women seek gynecological aid.


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