Celebrating entrepreneurship

Despite being immensely rewarding, the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy one to traverse. For lack infrastructure or insufficiency of funds, the strides to transforming lives, creating rewarding jobs, and building a stable economy can be hindered at various steps, in turn evoking a strong sense of failure and dispiritedness. However, fervent entrepreneurs outlive such fleeting disappointments and strive hard all over again. Young Turks on CNBC-TV18 is the longest running TV show that features such accomplished entrepreneurs and their game-changing business ideas. Rather than being another cookie-cutter show with hardly anything novel to contribute, every episode of Young Turks stands out and remarkably narrates the inspiring journeys of zealous entrepreneurs who enjoy admirable achievements in their chosen business genres.

While present-day business shows channelize lion’s share of their attention on inherited and well-known businesses, Young Turks raises the bar of excellence by recounting several inspiring start-up stories from all over the country. With no repetitiveness and lacklustre content, Young Turks is a genuine effort to inspire the entrepreneurial mind-sets of several aspiring business owners. When it comes to taking baby steps towards setting up a successful business venture, getting an intimate understanding of the chosen business sector is indispensable. Young Turks features businesses from all major categories, thus playing key role in boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Apart from the parent show, the team has been a significant part of several laudable initiatives like TiE the Knot, thus promoting youth entrepreneurship in the country. No prize for guessing why the DIPP secretary Mr. Amitabh Kant referred Young Turks as “one of the most energizing and vibrant” program on television.

On Young Turks, every proven entrepreneurial venture is showcased in the most admirably unique and engaging manner, thus letting the entrepreneurial spirit of many thrive and prosper by leaps and bounds. By letting the bookish business concepts and methodologies take the backseat, the show keenly promotes and boosts novel and time- tested practical business ideas. This ground-breaking approach to promote viable entrepreneurship is an imminent need as well as a transformational and imperative step towards initiating creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, thus replacing the conventional paradigms with more practicable alternatives. When every other television show on entrepreneurship is limited to predictable conversations and hypothetical theories, Young Turks is way ahead in their commitment towards instilling newer refreshing ideas on entrepreneurship. With regular mentoring to advice, guide, and recognise success in entrepreneurship, Young Turks continues to foster transformational breakthroughs in entrepreneurship.

Though entrepreneurs effortlessly flaunt their success stories, when it comes to admitting missteps in business, not many entrepreneurs willingly disclose them openly. However, those at the helm of the start-ups and thriving businesses that are featured on Young Turks honestly narrate both their failures and successes, thus sharing some of the most crucial pragmatic lessons in entrepreneurship and leadership, particularly those which are indispensable to thrive in adversities and difficult economic conditions. These never-to-be-missed learning opportunities cannot be found on any other TV series on entrepreneurs and start-ups.

As Make in India, PM’s flagship campaign, is taking the world by storm, Young Turks has been actively contributing several creative and leading-edge business ideas to translate this vision into a success. Such commendable and sustained efforts will go a long way toward accelerating the growth and progress of the country along with boosting competiveness and productivity in business, while stressing the necessity to avoid bottlenecks that impede innovation and entrepreneurship. In short the Young Turks Make in India events never fail to provide the right platform to learn, communicate, collaborate, and share the best practices for lasting success in the fast-paced and fiercely competitive world of entrepreneurship.

Breaking away from conventional concepts of making a TV series on entrepreneurship, Young Turks has been inspiring and empowering the business world for more than a decade, along with elevating the benchmarks of successful entrepreneurship to newer heights. The incredible efforts to nurture the future business leaders of the country team undoubtedly deserve a mention. The Young Turks book with several inspiring insights and anecdotes is another worth mentioning effort that emphasizes the team’s enduring commitment towards promoting entrepreneurship and business innovation.

YT book

Do you have a novel idea to make the world a more sustainable place? Watch Young Turks and get inspired to become an innovator!

Show – Young Turks
Channel – CNBC-TV18
Timings – Sat: 11:00 am & 7:30 pm, Sun: 12 noon


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