Hatred, hatred everywhere!

Being active on social media was never a menace until I received that derisive message from a strange account. Shocked and distressed by those gross and insensitive words, I bid goodbye to the social media platform where I could easily voice my opinions without worrying about being politically correct. Lately, social media debates have stooped to a new low with some of the cruelest trolls from morons who insult and dare everyone who dares to dissent. They conveniently hide in the dark spaces of the web and constantly unleash their inane wrath and fury. They lack real names or identities, but insults are real, and are often laced with lewd slurs. Such virtual mudslingings are not only hurting and disturbing, but are extremely sickening to the gut. How long can one patiently ignore and defy the endless troll wraths?

trollRather than focusing on sharing genuine opinions, people are now keener on spurting venomous abuses behind the anonymity of their accounts. Surprisingly most of them, in all probably, are regular users, and never get caught for their shocking audacity. Despite being successful in providing an interactive platform, many social networking platforms are unable to curb these staggering levels of abusive and offensive rants that are posted from strangely-named and anonymous accounts. As victims around the world continue to wonder how to battle against this vulgarity and viciousness that spreads so freely, it’s sad that social media companies are constantly failing to acknowledge the impacts of such tormenting and slandering remarks. The ramifications can be so devastating that many might end up taking their lives after constantly failing to cope up with mounting levels of harassments and trolling.

No policies, filters, and tools that are currently available are completely successful in dealing with this vulnerability, the reason why many users are continually imploring for better and long-standing solutions that help avoid vitriolic online attacks. At times, situations can be so dire and annoying that such messages might extend beyond physical and mental abuses to spreading nasty rumors, engaging in endless bickering, or posting violent threats. While everyone is entitled to speak their own minds and hold their own opinions, and there’s no reason for people to be sadistic and mean. The freedom to garb oneself in anonymity is the main reason behind the rising number of disruptive users and outrageous behaviors on social media. Originally, spammers where the prime reason for peskiness, but lately, trolls have replaced them by persistently posting hateful and abusive messages, and targeting the well-know, the less-known, as well as the unknown equally. Thus the benefits of social media continue to get constantly challenged and totally usurped by such bullies who constantly engage in pervasive abusing. Following every hacking or online shaming, both critics and social media companies often jump in and blame the victims for being lackadaisical. This lack of accountability emphasizes the fact that social media will continue to remain unsafe for many of us. Or, there will be no end to this growing toxicity, the reason why many eminent personalities have voluntarily started quitting social media due to the rising proliferations of harassments and hostility.

Ugly, abusive, violent, and often sexual, online harassments and abuse are never easy to deal with. It’s high time to stop this merciless public lynching. The need of the hour is a zero-tolerance policy, as well as useful, and simple solutions that help combat online abuses. Reducing the anonymity is imminent, as it might help unmask several veiled harassers who screech vile abuses, post explicit images, and write crude remarks that wreck the lives of many who get victimized for no reason.


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