Soul-sucking ‘entertainments’

Despite sitting in the secure and cosy hostel room, and knowing that the visuals on my laptop are way far from reality, the trailer of this soon-to-be released movie on a serial killer, and the gory acts of horror depicted in it, did make me sick to my stomach. Call it the brilliance behind a well-crafted story line, the incomparable talent of the actor who essayed the protagonist’s role, or the ingenious usage of advanced special effects and top-notch technologies, the images were deeply disturbing in so many levels. Are such movies worth seeing the light of the day? The answer depends on the extent of audiences who love watching such gory portrayals.

On-screen gores of several recent movies that illustrate mind-numbing murder mysteries and slaughtering are often so close to extreme ghastliness and obscenity. Viewers are often made to wonder how on earth such inarguably disturbing scenes receive the seal of approval from the censoring authorities. While movies are fundamentally a source of entertainment, such brutally and violent portrayals never serve even an iota of amusement. Instead the disturbing visuals dive deep into the psyche of several viewers and drive them to extreme sadness and depression, or elicit madness and human depravity in extreme situations.

blogLately, there are a whole bunch of both novice and veteran filmmakers who religiously cling on to the misconception that films that are subversive and filled to the brim with extreme violence of various forms are both enthralling and adrenaline-pumping. In other words, many futile attempts to make adrenaline-charging psychological thrillers often ends up with stark packages of explicit dialogues, mindless violence, dark protagonists, and gory bloodbaths. This disturbing approach of displaying everything grossest from necrophilia to incest or sexual violence, dismemberment makes me wonder what why movie makers jump into the presumption that audiences would find such grossest visuals amusing and enjoyable.

When it comes to depicting real-life incidents that have left us aghast and numb, none of us might want to be on the denial mode about the depth of cruelty and in-humaneness that have left us flabbergasted. But an on-screen depiction of such real incidents demand toned-down and tamed narrative approaches that aren’t bleak, bizarre and unnerving. Depressing, haunting, and horrifying narrations can never be bailed out for being straightforward and honest portrayals. While realistic narrations are indispensable, the brilliance in the making of murder mystery, horror, and thriller movies is not limited to making gratuitously violent visuals alone, instead they have to unfold through subtle portrayals that are watchable and easy on our minds. The stories have to be chronicled in a more fine-tuned and viewable manner that majority or viewers would love to watch.

Aversion to nauseating flicks are often regarded as one’s inability to rise above the childish scare. Such subtle mocks and undertones are what we often hear from friends and families who never think twice to call someone fain-hearted for being aversive towards gory visuals. However, as one gears up to watch a gruesome flick that chronicles a series of utmost horrific adventures, little do we know the devastating impacts the movie might leave on the viewer. Filmmakers across the world have to come into terms with the fact that such loathsome movies will only leave the audiences freaked, rather than entertaining them. Giving an edge of the seat experience can never be attributed to portraying disgustingly inhuman acts that no one would pleasurably watch.

Censoring has been widely debated around the world, and a whole host of filmmakers vehemently oppose the idea of censorship, as they believe the ‘cuts’ made might smother the ‘message’ to be delivered through the movie. However, this absolute freedom cannot be exploited for infusing explicit and violent depictions. The impact of such gory adaptations will only dwarf the aesthetic aspect of the movie, along with doing more harm than good to the viewers as well as the society as a whole.


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