Moley, the robo-chef

What if you had a robot to make some delectable dishes for lunch, or whip you up a gourmet dinner to pep up your mood after a long drawn out day in the office? That’s what Moley Robotics aims to do with advanced robotics. You name it and two robotic arms can cook it in no time. Or, you can get a robotic household help to cook an appetizing meal in less than half an hour!

The Jetsons introduced Rosie the robot maid in the 1960s, and Moley Robotics will soon make Rosie a reality. It’s an award winning robotic chef that can cooks hundreds of world-class dishes with amazing precision. Founded by Mark Oleynik in 2015, Moley Robotics is all set to launch world’s first completely-automated, integrated, and intelligent cooking robot. It can cook and serve scrumptious meals with the skills and flair of renowned master chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller.

The robotic kitchen has all the needed utensils, a well-set cabinetry, and appliances to cook. All you need to give is the required ingredients. With one tap you can choose the recipe and later place the pre-arranged containers with measured, washed and cut ingredients before pressing the start button. Let Moley take over the rest of job. It’s no magic, but two humanoid arms armed with tactile sensors, a touch screen unit, an oven, an electric stove, and a dish washer. That said; the current prototype cannot chop or prepare food on its own, and relies on the pre-recorded movements of famous chefs. Perhaps the team might enhance Moley’s capabilities very soon.

Far from the cooking machine concepts in science fictions, Moley Robotics first records human actions in 3D and later changes them into perfect movements. The robo-chef was trained by MasterChef winner Tim Anderson. With motion capture gloves and wrist bands he taught Moley how to cook appetizing meals perfectly, in timebound manner. The hand movements of several other renowned chefs like Giuseppe Patriarca were recorded similarly, so that Moley can successfully recreate their much-talked-about recipes without any flaw. This technique will be used to create a digital library of thousands of lip-smacking recipes, so that  Moley can later cook them several times.

Moley Kitchen reduces wastage of food as well as the dangerous dependence on pre-packaged food. The consumer version of Moley Robotics’ robo-chef is expected to be launched in 2017. In addition to the two smart robotic hands, Moley’s Kitchen for consumers will have a recipe library, a dishwasher, and a refrigerator. Isn’t it a testament to the amazing power of robotics?

While the idea of having a super-smart robo-chef is exciting beyond words, some users might be apprehensive about the consistency of Moley. But according to a recent Forbes report, the company assures that Moley can work perfectly in normal parameters, and can be used manually as well.

Despite the fact that Moley can easily imitate the qualities of master chefs, the slender humanoid arms cannot fully replace a human. Here are a few questions to ponder over – Can it improvise based on changing situations? Does it contain tactile and olfactory senses like us? Can it provide some well-cooked potatoes or tomatoes by adjusting the cooking time based on their density, or can it mix and knead dough based on its quality? Can it ensure uniqueness and personal touch to every dish, making it unique? Will it locate an ingredient or a utensil if it is not kept in the in exactly the same place all the time? While all these questions are yet to be answered by the makers, Moley ‘s Kitchen can undoubtedly be called as a disruptive and transformative invention.

Did you feel envious when a friend of yours recently enjoyed a flavorsome meal cooked by an expert chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant? Come 2018 and Moley Robotics can help you enjoy the same delicious meal in the comfort of your home.


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