Obsession with perfection

It’s alleged that she lately did a lip enhancement job. No matter what the reason is, the actress looks almost unrecognizable now, and got viscously trolled for her swollen lips and froze face. She was gorgeous before, and had a delightful face. But her new frozen look is absolutely jarring. It also indicates the quick pace with which cosmetic surgery is getting normalized in our society.

The hunger for cosmetic procedures continues to grow at an alarming rate. A reality TV star recently underwent 10 cosmetic surgeries in just one day! Swayed by unrealistic beauty standards many are spending extortionate amount of money on lip and nose surgeries, boob jobs, and bum implants. But surgeries or stabbing oneself with several Botox filled needles is neither practical nor healthy. “Perfection is defeat … Perfection belongs to the gods; completeness or wholeness is the most a human being can hope for …”

Compulsion for cosmetic surgery is medically termed as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). It’s a kind of obsession with unrealistic beauty standards, and the “systematic desire to improve one’s appearance”. In other words, it’s an unhealthy fixation and a dangerous addiction. The word addiction is often attributed to drugs and alcohol. But cosmetic surgery is a mental addiction, and often go unnoticed. Despite knowing all the negative consequences, people get addicted to plastic surgeries to alter their faces and bodies.

An eerily huge number of men and women are undergoing countless plastic surgeries these days. The statics from American Society of Plastic Surgeons is shocking. Underlying desires to look a certain way, or insecurities about their appearances, are the main reason why many people compulsively choose cosmetic procedures. Some are unable to deal with ageing and some believe in the illusion of remaining eternally youthful.

plastic surgery statistics

Source – The Guardian

Given that most of them are naturally beautiful, we cannot help but get baffled why they mess things up by going under knife. While some come back with stunning looks, for some others, things go seriously awry. It’s the after effect of a skewed sense of beauty and the uncontrollable urge to get desirable body features. Blind celebrity worship is another critical reason. Some crazy fans spent lakhs on cosmetic surgeries to look like their idols.

There is no such thing like perfect looks and body. Still many people go to extreme lengths to get ‘perfect’. It’s acceptable to dislike a natural abnormality like cleft lip, and wishing to correct it surgically. It transforms into a mental disorder when one finds flaws continuously and gets desperate to fix them through surgeries. These days, cosmetic surgery is not about attaining normal looks. Its copying or faking, and its spreading like an epidemic these days.

In their desperate attempt to become more beautiful, many have fallen victims of plastic surgeries that went horribly wrong. An extreme level of image consciousness is the reason that forces them to adopt such nips and tucks. While some confess about it, some others remain tight-lipped. Currently we don’t have any laws that prevent people from receiving consecutive plastic surgeries. If a patient has money and time, most doctors are willing to perform cosmetic procedures.

Would you ever go under the knife to look flawlessly perfect or look like your favorite celebrity? Becoming a doppelganger is the newest cosmetic surgery trend. Here is an example – Pixee Fox and Justin Jedlica were not happy with their God-given looks. Pixee has had almost more than 100 surgeries by far, and Justin has undergone more than 360 procedures. Their goal – To become real-life Barbie and Ken! But not even the best plastic surgeon in the world can ever create the perfect doppelgangers of Ken and Barbie.


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