Self-making bed – Best laziest invention ever?

For those who are too lazy to make their beds, OHEA “Smart Bed” is the one-size-fits-all solution that can ease the tedium. That said, many have dubbed it as the laziest invention of all time.

This is how the Smart Bed works. You get out of your bed and leave it unmade. If the automatic mode is turned on, OHEA Smart Bed can make itself in the morning, in about three seconds after you gets out of the bed. The panel on both sides of the bed swings open, and the mechanical arms emerge from each side. A set of smooth rollers are attached to these mechanical arms. The rollers grab each side of your blanket, before slowly moving from the foot to the head of your bed, tucking it neatly. At the same time, the pillows rise on another panel to make space for the moving arms.

The pillows are straightened using chords attached on each side of the bed. As the arms completely straighten out the blanket, they drop back into the bed’s housing, while the pillows are dropped into its positions appropriately. The side panels get closed and the bed is ready for you take a nap. The entire process takes nearly 50 seconds from start to finish. If you prefer manual mode over automatic mode, you can choose that as well.

OHEA Smart Bed doesn’t start functioning accidently or when a person is sleeping. It cannot be manually triggered to bed-making mode when anyone is on the mattress. It means, OHEA Smart Bed might have a weights sensor to prevent the bed-making mode from turning on suddenly.

Wondering how close it is to perfection in bed making? Not really, and here is the downside – you have to be a tidy sleeper, and cannot use your own sheets, duvet covers, and pillows. Moreover. OHEA Smart Bed doesn’t accommodate a second top sheet in between the main blanket and the bottom sheet.

Still, for those who hate making their beds, OHEA Smart Bed is truly a blessing.

What to do if it breaks?

Here is what the website states: “You would simply have to make the bed manually until a technician resolved the issue.”


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