Travemate – The First Robot Suitcase

For anyone who hates carrying heavy suitcases, here is happy news. You can soon purchase Travelmate, a smart suitcase from Travelmate Robotics. Wondering what’s new? Unlike other suitcases, you don’t have to grab the handle of Travelmate and drag it along. This GPS-enabled and LED-lit suitcase can follow you wherever you want to go, and stays nearly 3 to 5 feet behind you. Travelmate can be linked to your smartphone to record the location. This autonomous robot companion will follow you based on your location, thus making travelling much easier. In short, you get a sci-fi travel buddy, almost equivalent to having a trustable person who can follow you and carry all your stuff. Travelmate is the brainchild of a team of American robotics specialists from SMP Robotics.

Called “the first true fully autonomous suitcase,” that can loyally trundle after its owner automatically, Travelmate can move both vertically and horizontally, and weave through the crowd effortlessly. If attached to non-robotic cases, Travelmate will carry them along with it. This innovative travel companion encompasses an optional camera which helps record your journey or patrol your home when you are away.

Travelmate can easily match your speed, up to 6.75 miles per hour. The battery charge lasts for 4 hours if the suitcase is used in fully autonomous mode, or 100 if used in standby or regular suitcase mode. No matter what the kind of usage is, the LED lights on the suitcase will indicate the battery level. The lights can be turned off whenever required. A TSA-compliant autonomous robot companion, Travelmate has fingerprint-enabled lock system to ensure unmatched security. You can open it manually as well. The removable GPS chip helps keep track of Travelmate. The chip can be attached to any other bag that you wish to track. Two extra chips will be provided with all models.

In addition to a smart lock and a location tracker, Travelmate contains dual USB charging ports too.

Irrespective of all advantages available, many are apprehensive of the usage of travel mate, as it might cause security risks and chaos in busy airports. But the company has ensured the best security possible. If someone intents to steal the case, it will soon sense the danger, lock its wheels, and sound an alarm.

Travelmate comes in three sizes, costing $399, $495 and $595. It’s available for pre-order on the company website.


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