Your laundry folding friend

Folding your clothes into organized piles is often laborious, time-consuming, and frustrating. But here comes a machine that can fold your clothes into neat piles in seconds. It’s about two third the size of your washer or dryer, weighs about 60 pounds, and can easily fit into most laundry rooms.

Developed by a San Francisco start-up, Foldimate can start folding clothes as soon as they come out of your washing machine. The commercial version of this laundry-folding machine will be available later this year. Foldimate is Wi-Fi enabled and is expected to cost around $800. Call it a robot or an appliance, Foldimate is an innovative and intriguing discovery.

To get started, you can clip your clothes onto the machine’s horizontal rack and press a button to indicate the cloth type. Foldimate will soon determine the thickness, size, and sleeve length of your clothes, and later adjusts its settings accordingly. You can opt for perfuming and sanitizing if needed. Once it completes folding the entire clothes on the rack, Foldimate soon spits out the folded clothes for you to remove.

According to the makers, Foldimate can fold your laundry perfectly and steam out creases successfully in less than a minute. It can also infuse fragrances into clean and dry clothing. This is possible for towels, shirts, and trousers. The machine takes almost 10 second to fold each item. It takes 20 to 30 seconds for de-wrinkling. Based on thickness of each fabric, Foldimate takes nearly 10 to 30 items per load. In short, you get a trustable and never-complaining friend to fold all the laundry fold you.

Will it be able to solve all your cloth folding woes? No. It won’t be able to automatically fold too small or too large items, or “replace ironing of dress shirts”. This means you will have fold underwear, bed sheets, and socks in the old -fashioned way.

Foldimate is not the only automated folding machine that experts are working on. A Japanese startup has built a similar machine called Laundroid. Laundroid is as big as your refrigerator and costs nearly $2700 USD. In short, it’s both expensive and difficult to handle.

So Foldimate is an affordable and user-friendly choice? Would you love to buy it?

P.S. – No matter what your problem is, someone is readying a solution to cater to your needs. In other words, you can get a solution for something as trivial as folding laundry.


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