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Should we fear the rise of Artificial Intelligence?

Aren’t humans the smartest creatures on earth, or are we getting replaced by AI-powered machines? The trepidation of artificial intelligence taking over the world is worrying many people, and some numbers from a recent survey are adding fuel to the fire. AI will outperform humans in just 45 years, that’s the core finding of a recent survey that I read today. 352 machine learning experts were asked to predict the future of AI, and here is what they had to say:

According to the survey, conducted by University of Oxford and Yale University, most of the current jobs are expected to get automated in the next 100 years. From transportation to science, heath, and finance, every aspect of our life will get significantly transformed and reshaped by AI. But when it comes to chances of AI performing all human tasks better than us, the possibility is 50 percent. Will AI create catastrophic outcomes that lead to human extinction? Will humans succumb to machines? There is a miniscule 5% chance, says the survey.

As per the report, AI will outperform humans in many tasks like driving trucks (by 2027), translating languages (by 2024), and writing high school essays (by 2026, and carrying out surgeries (2053). Can robots be trained to drive or perform surgeries? Perhaps yes, but how can they think and write like humans and publish books by 2049 as they survey says? I doubt. That said, artificial intelligence tools can enhance proofreading, but writing from scratch and writing in an interesting and effective manner is something only humans can do.

Everywhere you go; people are talking about automation replacing humans. Admittedly, it is frightening, especially if you have any technique based jobs that AI robots and tools can easily handle.

In short, AI will benefit us in many ways, and pose many challenges as well. Should we fear or hope about the future of AI? I think it should be a mix of both.

AI will definitely eliminate some jobs, but will create new careers as well. AI can revolutionize several areas like security, agriculture, healthcare, and environment. But AI technology cannot match up to the kind of cognitive thought process that humans possess. In other words, AI can never infuse the artistry and unique human abilities to cater to specific or changing needs, or, no AI-powered human-like robot can exist with all versatilities that we possess.

We, humans, can understand and use concepts in permeable ways, tailor an accepted norms to suit a specific need, try related concepts, or brainstorm and find innovative ways and ideas. No AI-powered robots or machines can do all these perfectly.

Can a machine come up with ideas? It can give valuable insights that trigger ideas, but it’s up to us to translate the insights and connect the dots to create a perfect idea. Simply put, we humans will surely have a leg up on AI.

That said, no matter what the impact will be and however fast it will happen, there’s no denying that AI-powered robotics workforces will soon become a reality. But, can they completely surpass humans? I don’t think so.