From Passion to Profession

writingWith hardly any prognosis, I started writing this blog in 2008, when I rechristened my career and became a Content Writer. Although writing was always there in the back of my mind, I began my career as an academician, and took to teaching for a short period, until I had the opportunity to choose writing as my bread-and-butter. It took me a five years of hiatus to fit myself back into a writer’s shoes, but 2008 turned out to be the lucky year, when I was fortunate to find the profession that matched with my passion, thus becoming a full-time Content Writer.

Kudos to the former Team Leader of mine for suggesting the idea to start a blog; I plunged in to the world of blogging by the mid of 2008 and soon found myself becoming a consistent writer, getting better with every post/article. Yes, I was a bit neglectful in-between, but writing goals never took a backseat. Writing is my first love and passion.

rainAn unplanned Chemistry graduation and a deliberate English post-graduation, followed by a diploma in Journalism, calling myself a trained writer would be politically correct, though I want to confess that I have hardly followed or maintained any meticulous planning and preparation while writing my blog posts. As strange as it sounds, writing, for me is never an intentional exercise but a sudden overflow of random thoughts and emotions about people I meet, incidents I hear and witness, books I read, and so on and so forth. I’ve always been mocked at for having this unplanned writing style. But I just turn a deaf ear to the naysayers around. This is because, most of my well written posts originated from sudden and unpremeditated ideas and thoughts, and have helped me triumphantly jot down interesting and noteworthy posts on a wide array of diverse topics. Although I don’t prefer deliberate writing, when it comes to scribbling statements that can spark controversies, I intentionally tone down my words and prefer to remain cautiously balanced.

writerI love and embrace simplicity in each of my writing, and stay away from flamboyant words and uninspiring topics. Over these years, I have never tried to churn out unpalatable posts on serious topics, or stuff my blogs with complex lexis, dull jargons, and uninteresting subjects. So I do not fit in to the category of writers who prefer the pompous words and lackluster matters, nor do I stoop down to become downright silly and irrelevant. Precisely put, I write something that can be placed in between the two.

After having metamorphosed in to a seasoned content writer, I have come across a long way, unrecognized and unaccepted, but still cherish my dream of becoming a well-known writer someday. I am no good in oratory, do not have a foreign degree to boast of, and never have had opportunities to write for the biggies in publishing industry. However, I am blessed with the intense zeal to work hard and give my best shot each time I write a post.

As unintentional as my writings are, I do not consider it necessary to purposely promote any of my blog posts or put a deliberate effort to publicize them to garner visitors and comments. Perhaps this might have been one of the reasons that resulted in the stunned fame of my blog, as it couldn’t amass the deserved recognition even after all these years. But as I said before, I am least affected and believes that honest efforts will definitely yield pay off someday.

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