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A butter lover’s dream

Almost everything eatable, even the blandest of foods that you know, gets better and delectable with some butter on them. But for fear of overdoing and putting ourselves on the road to heart ailments, we keep avoiding the use of butter. What if you can convert rock-hard butter into spray? Biem Butter Sprayer helps turn a stick of butter almost instantly into a spray, so that you can dole out the golden deliciousness in measurable amounts. While sprayable versions of margarine is already available in the market, Biem Butter Sprayer helps avoid the artificial route and use fresh butter sticks to cook your favorite gourmets.

How to use it? The process is very simple. Slide a butter stick into the sprayer. When you pick it up to use it, a built-in motion sensor in Biem Butter Sprayer turns on its heating element. The butter you need gets heated to almost 95 degrees Fahrenheit in seconds, after which you can grab the Biem Butter Sprayer. Hold the sprayer by its handle, aim onto the food in a steady motion, and in seconds an air pump blasts butter in needed amounts. With no chemical propellants or CO2 cartridges that constantly need to be changed, Biem Butter Sprayer is safe and effective. It uses a rechargeable battery to melt butter sticks.

This innovative kitchen gadget promises the best of both words. You can enjoy having butter and not fear about compromising on taste or health. Biem Butter Sprayer is the first ever butter sprayer that can transform a stick of butter into liquid spray in just seconds. It has an accelerometer that helps detect when you pick it up and turn it on. The special patent-pending nozzle of Biem Butter Sprayer helps prevent clogging and ensures portion control, thus cutting half the calories that you normally consume.

From seasoning your steamed vegetables and popcorns to greasing your pans or flavoring your bread, the possibilities of using Biem Butter Sprayer are endless. It’s a culinary marvel and a user-friendly appliance to add controlled amount of butter to your favorite dishes, or season your frying pans and trays without using margarine or vegetable oil sprays.

Wondering how to clean Biem Butter Sprayer? It’s as easy as sticking it under a faucet.